American Experience Season 26, Episode 10 – The Big Burn

In the summer of 1910, hundreds of wildfires raged across the Northern Rockies. By the time it was all over, more than three million acres had burned and at least 78 firefighters were dead. It was the largest fire in American history.

American Experience Season 26, Episode 8 – The Rise and Fall of Penn Station

In 1910, the Pennsylvania Railroad successfully accomplished the enormous engineering feat of building tunnels under New York City’s Hudson and East Rivers, connecting the railroad to New York and New England, knitting together the entire eastern half of the United States. The tunnels terminated in what was one of the greatest architectural achievements of its

American Experience Season 26, Episode 4 – The Poisoner’s Handbook

In the early 20th century, the average American medicine cabinet was a would-be poisoner’s treasure chest, with radioactive radium, thallium, and morphine in everyday products. The pace of industrial innovation increased, but the scientific knowledge to detect and prevent crimes committed with these materials lagged behind until 1918. New York City’s first scientifically trained medical

Dogs: Their Secret Lives Season 2, Episode 2, 3

Episode 2: The team attempt to help Labrador Jaydee who likes to recycle her own – and other dogs’ waste, and Loki the destructively delinquent pointer who likes to trash her home. Episode 3: The team attempt to help a German shepherd who’s a serious escape artist and a two-year-old springer spaniel whose shaking and

The ANZ Young Farmer Contest 2015

The seven regional finalists compete in a series of challenges in a bid to take home the coveted title of ANZ Young Farmer of the Year for 2015. Hosted by Mark Leishman.

Catching Monsters Season 1, Episode 5 – Last of the Giant Bluefin

It’s the final day of tuna season and only a couple giants still remain in the frigid waters. The pressure is intense as Captain Jeff Mills makes one last effort to catch a money fish. Also, Steve Clapperton strives for a huge catch for his final client.

Beyond Scared Straight Season 9, Episode 2 – Floyd, Ga.: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law

Deputy Lyle of the Floyd County Jail uses his skills to help a carjacker, a shoplifter, a fighter and a thief turn their criminal lives around.

Taste Of A Traveller Season 1, Episode 10

Cooking series following Brett McGregor as he shares the local flavours, cooking and traditions of his favourite recipes from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Topp Country Season 1, Episode 10

Lynda and Jools invite us into their family circle. Jean Topp shares her famous gingernut recipe, and Jools cooks her sister courgette fritters at Liberty Circle Ranch.

Alaskan Bush People Season 2, Episode 14 – Rocky Seas

Billy and three of his sons travel home on their newly purchased boat; Matt and Noah work on an improvement.

Mysteries at the Monument Season 3, Episode 1 – Stone of Destiny; The Day Niagara Falls Shut Off; The Madness of Mary Todd

Don visits a famous London church that set the stage for an audacious heist; a natural wonder that Mother Nature herself threatened to shut down; and a prison that once housed a famous first lady.

Conspiracy UK Season 1, Episode 4 – The Lord Lucan Dossier

The show takes a look at some famous disappearances that have managed to tantalise a conspiracy-mad public for years.

Dark Matter Season 1, Episode 4

After the crew makes a stopover at a space station to restock and rest, things do not go as expected.

Doraemon US Season 2, Episode 9 – 11

Killjoys Season 1, Episode 3 – The Harvest

Dutch and John look for a missing migrant worker on Leith.

Defiance Season 3, Episode 5 – History Rhymes

Nolan and Irisa reveal truths to each other that could destroy their bond. Datak’s jealousy could cost Defiance everything.

Find Me A Māori Bride Season 1, Episode 7

Comedy series that follows Tama and Hori, a pair of metrosexual Māori men on a quest to find themselves an authentic Māori bride.

Sean Conway: Running Britain: Part 2

Endurance athlete Sean Conway pounds further southwards through the diverse British terrain on his lung-busting, muscle-shredding slog to the finish in Land’s End.

Exposure UK Season 5, Episode 6 – The Sham Marriage Racket

The show investigates a massive loophole that remains at the centre of our system which is sham marriage.

Hoff The Record Season 1, Episode 3 – The United Nations

Hoff hopes to become a UN Ambassador so that he can embrace his potential.

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