Mixology Season 1, Episode 9 – Dominic & Kacey

After countless meaningless hookups, Kacey confronts Dominic about their relationship status and is taken aback by his response. Dominic then finds himself in unfamiliar territory and turns to Tom of all people for advice. Meanwhile, Maya and Fab try to help a drunken Liv, who has been knocking back drinks all night, after they spot

The 100 Season 1, Episode 6 – His Sister’s Keeper

Bellamy leads his crew into Grounder territory as they search for Octavia. Raven can’t help but notice the deep connection between Finn and Clarke. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Bellamy’s and Octavia’s childhood on the Ark.

Survivor Season 28, Episode 9 – Sitting In My Spy Shack

Homesick castaways are granted a brief reprieve with letters from home. Meanwhile, one castaway secretly embarks on a stakeout to gather intel from the competition and another castaway falls hard while attempting to collect coconuts from the treetops.

Modern Family Season 5, Episode 20 – Australia

The entire family tags along as Phil fulfills his mom’s wish for him to return to his roots and visit the country where he was conceived, Australia. Unfortunately, Phil’s attempts to embrace his native land are met by a lot of rejection, while Jay and Claire let work eat into vacation time, and Mitch and

Baby Daddy Season 3, Episode 14 – Livin’ on a Prom

Bonnie is tired of not being appreciated for everything she does for the boys and Emma and decides to go on strike. When it’s quickly obvious they can’t survive without her, Ben realizes the best way back into his mom’s good graces is to take her to the Bon Jovi concert.

Suburgatory Season 3, Episode 10 – No, You Can’t Sit with Us

When Tessa takes a young social outcast under her wing, she decides to mentor her protegee for the Miss Chatswin pageant to make a statement to Chatswin society. The pageant rivalry between Tessa and Dalia comes to a head and Tessa finds herself stooping to Dalia’s level to win. Meanwhile, George, Noah, Fred and Victor

Arrow Season 2, Episode 20 – Seeing Red

The mirakuru sends Roy into an uncontrollable rage and he unleashes on the city. After Roy’s deadly fight with a police officer, Oliver realizes the mirakuru has taken over Roy completely and must figure out a way to stop him.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 30 – More than Roommates

Joe inherits his Nona Sophia’s ugly chair – the one she died in – and can’t wait to finally add a piece of his life into Mel’s home. Mel, unfortunately, doesn’t feel the same way and tries to find ways to get rid of the chair without hurting Joe’s feelings. Meanwhile, Ryder pretends he’s a

The Middle Season 5, Episode 19 – The Wind Chimes

Frankie pleads with a mean and unyielding Rita Glossner to take down her wind chimes, whose noise is driving the Heck family crazy. Meanwhile, Axl and Hutch find a ratty, old couch abandoned on the street and try to figure out a way to retrieve it, instead of complaining to a pretzel manufacturer for skimping

The Americans Season 2, Episode 9 – Martial Eagle

Philip and Elizabeth’s long-planned mission turns ugly, impacting each of them in different ways. Stan digs in deeper at work as his personal life continues to unravel.

Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 13, Episode 30 – Sparks Will Fly (2)

Clare tries to find a date for the ‘Wild Wild West Night’. Zoë struggles with her new role as it hits too close to home after the assault. Miles tries to settle the score with Zig, even though they are still competing for Maya.

Craig Ferguson (Apr 22, 2014) – Cedric the Entertainer, Billie Piper

Cedric the Entertainer, Billie Piper

National Geographic Wild: America The Wild Monster Wolf

Wolves have been around for centuries, but with so many variations, what’s really considered a wolf? Casey scours Canada’s West Coast to investigate a rash of bold wolf behavior on Vancouver Island. He treks to Tofino, where wolves routinely push the limits of hunting and killing backyard pets — but Casey wants to know if

The Bad Girls Club S12 Special – Best Frenemies

Tosh.0 Season 6, Episode 10 (Apr 22, 2014)

Daniel chats with a creepy guy in Los Angeles; and demonstrates how to improve one’s hashtag usage. Also: a Web Redemption for a woman who tried to raise money on the Internet after being injured.

At Midnight (Apr 22, 2014)

Jessica St. Clair / Lennon Parham / Rob Heubel

Spring Kitchen with Tom Kerridge Season 1, Episode 1, 2

Join chef Tom Kerridge for this sister show to Saturday Kitchen, celebrating the very best of spring food with celebrity guests and delicious recipes. Episode 1: Tom is joined by Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington and guest chef Jose Pizarro. Episode 2: Tom is joined in the studio by presenter and author Danny Wallace and chef

Derek Season 2, Episode 1

Derek is feeling pleased that his dad’s moving in while Tom and Hannah are taking things to a complete new level. Dougie and Vicky have no time for new volunteer Geoff.

Law & Order: UK Season 8, Episode 7 – Hard Stop

When a series of shootings claims one of their own, Ronnie and Joe have little time to grieve – they must catch the killer before he or she can reach the next people on the hit – list. And in first place on that list is Henry Sharpe, head of the Crown Prosecution Service. The

Jamaica Inn Season 1, Episode 3

The net tightens on the smugglers, and Mary struggles to know who to trust.