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Daddy Baby Season 4, Episode 22 – It’s a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding

After Bonnie’s wedding planner quits, Charlotte volunteers to help but she has an ulterior motive. Ben decides to let Danny and Riley have a chance at romantic happiness.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 21 – What Happens In Vegas

The friends make their way to Las Vegas, where Tucker’s hidden hobby is revealed.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 20 – Till Dress Us Do Part

The gang reflect on their past entanglements, forgetting to safeguard a cherished item of Bonnie’s in the process.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 19 – Ring Around the Party

Riley organizes a party to meet Ross’ friends. Danny attempts to find out more about his new girlfriend.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 18 – Parental Guidance

Ben attempts to work out who should receive custody of Emma in the event of anything bad happening to him.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 17 – Wheeler War

Ben attempts to corrupt Riley’s boyfriend. Bonnie wants to play in the boys’ poker game.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 16 – Lowering the Bar

Riley has to represent Tucker in a lawsuit. Bonnie doesn’t think that the boys will be able to run a bar.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 15 – One Night Stand Off

Ben and Riley find their romantic dalliances coming back to haunt them. Danny makes an investment in the future.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 14 – It Takes a Village Idiot

Ben attempts to look after Emma without his friends’ help. Bonnie and Danny end up becoming rivals in the kitchen.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 13 – Home is Where the Wheeler Is

Riley must figure out where she really belongs on the summer premiere of “Baby Daddy”.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 12 – A Love/Fate Relationship

Riley wants to share her true feelings with Danny before his romance with Robyn progresses, but complications arise. Meanwhile, Ben and Bonnie create a secret admirer for Tucker in order to boost his confidence about his love life.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 11 – You Give Real Estate A Bad Name

Bonnie competes with her former boyfriend for the right to sell Jon Bon Jovi’s New York penthouse.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 10 – Happy Birthday Two You

Ben panics once he realizes he forgot his mom’s birthday yet again, especially since he promised her a big blowout after last year’s disaster. Knowing he has a lot to make up for, Ben enlists an unwilling Danny, Tucker and Riley to quickly organize the festivities. But when Danny learns something unexpected about his own

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 9 – An Officer and a Gentle Ben

Bonnie gets a marriage proposal from her special Fleet Week buddy. Meanwhile, Ben and Tucker pose as sailors; and Riley begins to regret arranging a date for Danny and her coworker.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 8 – House of Cards

Tucker’s latest failed relationship prompts him to focus on the one that got away – his college girlfriend, Olivia (Aisha Dee). In an effort to cheer their friend up, Ben and Danny track Olivia down in the hopes of reuniting the lovebirds. When Tucker sees Olivia, he’s definitely surprised, especially when he learns they are

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 7 – The Mother of All Dates

Bonnie is depressed about all the losers she’s been dating lately, so Ben and Danny decide to turn her love life into a contest – whoever sets her up with a decent guy wins. Determined to beat his big brother at something, Ben sets Bonnie up with one of his customers, Frank (Peter Katona), while

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 6 – Over My Dead Bonnie (REAL)

Danny manages to secure a cameo role on “General Hospital”; Tucker and Ben hold a funeral for Bonnie.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 5 – Mugging for the Camera

Tucker turns to his friends for help with Mary Hart’s latest assignment.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 4 – I See Crazy People

Danny’s secret prompts him to turn to an unexpected friend for help.

Baby Daddy Season 4, Episode 3 – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note

Riley admits that she knows how Danny feels about her.