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Continuum Season 4, Episode 6 – Final Hour

In the series finale, all factions clash violently in order to determine which path the future will take. While Kiera and Alec risk everything to stop the future soldiers and their devastating plan, Kellog, despite a loose alliance with Kiera, has plans of his own.

Continuum Season 4, Episode 5 – The Desperate Hours

Despite sharing her agenda with Carlos, Kiera pushes her partner’s patience to the limit as she pressures him for more time. Kellog faces an unexpected peril. The future soldiers stage a daring raid to free their recently imprisoned leader.

Continuum Season 4, Episode 4 – Zero Hour

Kiera and Brad’s trust reaches the breaking point when he seems more in step with the future soldiers plan than with her. Carlos and Kellog come to their own realizations about alliances and deception. A strange encounter forces Alec to reflect on his destiny and his ability to steer the path of history.

Continuum Season 4, Episode 3 – Power Hour

Alec joins Carlos and the VPD; Kiera and Garza form an alliance.

Continuum Season 4, Episode 2 – Rush Hour

Kellog uses Alec’s weakness against him; Kiera tries to negotiate; Alec sets out on his own to try to save Emily.

Continuum Season 4, Episode 1 – Lost Hours

Continuum Season 3, Episode 13 – Last Minute

Kiera and Liber8 join forces to stop a power-hungry Alec

Continuum Season 3, Episode 12 – The Dying Minutes

Kiera and John Doe put an end to the Freelancers; Scar Alec is rescued from the Freelancer facility; Carlos brings balance back to Dillon and the VPD.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 11 – 3 Minutes to Midnight

Kiera learns the truth about John Doe; Alec has to make a difficult choice.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 10 – Revolutions Per Minute

Kiera’s relationship with the Freelancers is strained; Alec crosses the rubicon to protect his legacy.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 9 – Minute Of Silence

Kiera pursues a group of brilliant students, who are using cutting-edge technology to commit crimes.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 8 – So Do Our Minutes Hasten

Kiera confronts uncomfortable truths while paired on an investigation with Dillon. Julian puts himself in the spotlight by exposing a corporation’s dirty deeds. Alec deals with the pressures of his new role at Piron and an uncomfortable secret revealed by Carlos.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 6 – Wasted Minute

While Carlos struggles emotionally, he and Kiera must stop Liber8 from unleashing a chemical attack on the city.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 5 – Minutes To Air

Kiera and Carlos work to release hostages; Kellog and Alec’s business agreement falls apart.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 4 – A Minute Changes Everything

Kiera tries to free a college student trapped in a police cover-up.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 3 – Minute To Win It

Kiera has to solve a series of Liber8 connected bank heists and discovers the robbers are controlled by a recently escaped Lucas. Carlos’ new and unwanted knowledge about time travel begins to affect his work.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 2 – Minute Man

A reunited Liber8 kidnaps the mayor while Kiera has her hands full investigating the two Alecs in one timeline; at the same time, Carlos struggles with the reality-shattering truth of Kiera’s predicament.

Continuum Season 3, Episode 1 – Minute By Minute

Keira Cameron’s world has disintegrated. Alec Sadler betrayed her chance of going back to 2077, using the time travel device in hope of saving his girlfriend. Now Kiera & Liber8, prisoners of the Freelancers, scramble to escape their grasp.

Continuum Season 2, Episode 13 – Second Time

Season Finale: Kiera rushes to rescue Alec from himself and protect her slim chances of going home, as he must make a difficult choice between solving Kiera’s dilemma…or his own.

Continuum Season 2, Episode 12 – Second Last

From worse to catastrophic; Travis gets his hands on Elena’s CPS suit, and it’s up to Kiera and Carlos to stop him. Alec and Emily battle to escape the mysterious Freelancers.