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CSI Season 14, Episode 19 – The Fallen

Russell is taken hostage after a teenager opens fire in a police station

CSI Season 14, Episode 18 – Uninvited

The CSIs are called to investigate when an entire family is reported to have been missing for a month

CSI Season 14, Episode 17 – Long Ride Home

The CSIs investigate the murder of a rock and roll groupie and the disappearance of a prostitute that both have ties to a mysterious band

CSI Season 14, Episode 16 – Killer Moves

When a murder takes place at a chess tournament, the team must rely on a former chess mentor of Sanders’ in order to capture “a chess obsessed serial killer” before he can checkmate his next victim.

CSI Season 14, Episode 15 – Love For Sale

Nick and Greg investigate the death of a 16-year-old girl with ties to a brothel.

CSI Season 14, Episode 14 – De Los Muertos

Sara Sidle, Greg Sanders and David Phillips don’t know where to begin as they see the remains of a couple buried in cement in their garage.

CSI Season 14, Episode 13 – Boston Brakes

The CSIs are called to investigate a car crash and are shocked to discover the victim is someone they know

CSI Season 14, Episode 12 – Keep Calm and Carry On

A petty crime aboard an inbound plane to Vegas becomes a murder investigation when one of the passengers is found dead.

CSI Season 14, Episode 11 – The Lost Reindeer

When a man is found murdered at an elaborate holiday party complete with real snow and live reindeer, the CSI team is brought in to investigate.

CSI Season 14, Episode 10 – Girls Gone Wild

Finlay disappears during a spa weekend with Sara and Morgan. The outing also turns into a murder investigation

CSI Season 14, Episode 9 – Check In and Check Out

A series of grisly but apparently unrelated murders, which all take place in the same seedy motel room, have the team wondering if the room really is a demonic and deadly site that “possesses” its inhabitants.

CSI Season 14, Episode 8 – Helpless

When a man is found dead inside a human-sized hamster ball, the CSI team is brought in to investigate. Also, the team collaborates with a swing shift CSI on a case involving a serial rapist

CSI Season 14, Episode 7 – Under a Cloud

The CSI team investigates a John Doe found during torrential rains in Vegas. Meanwhile, Greg Sanders is investigated and accused of framing a man for murder seven years ago

CSI Season 14, Episode 6 – Passed Pawns

The CSI team investigates the death of a homeless man who had a huge winning streak at a small casino

CSI Season 14, Episode 5 – Fame by Fame

Catherine Willows returns to help the CSIs solve a cold case that has haunted the team for 14 years

CSI Season 14, Episode 4 – Last Supper

When contestants on a reality cooking show accidentally eat human flesh during a competition, the CSI team is brought in to investigate

CSI Season 14, Episode 3 – Torch Song

The CSI team investigates a fire at a music venue that leaves four people dead, including two band members

CSI Season 14, Episode 2 – Take the Money and Run

The CSI team investigate a murder at a high stakes poker game.

CSI Season 14, Episode 1 – The Devil and D.B. Russell

The team searches for Morgan and Ellie Brass, who have been kidnapped by a killer.

CSI Season 13, Episode 22 – Skin in the Game

In the season 13 finale, A journalist follows Russell and the team as they investigate a series of murders; while under cover, one team member is jeopardized.