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Elementary Season 4, Episode 8 – A Burden of Blood

Holmes and Watson investigate a homicide in which the victim was murdered in a manner reminiscent of the crimes of an infamous, and already incarcerated, serial killer. Also, Sherlock and Joan tutor Detective Bell for a police sergeant’s exam that would lead to a promotion and a post at another precinct.

Elementary Season 4, Episode 7

When Watson’s stepfather writes a crime novel based on her work with Holmes without her knowledge, an underlying issue in their relationship is revealed. Also, as Holmes and Watson investigate a retired FBI agent’s murder, they discover the man’s death is connected to an unsolved case from the victim’s career.

Elementary Season 4, Episode 6 – The Cost of Doing Business

Morland offers to act as one of his son’s “Irregular” consultants so that he can lend Sherlock and Joan his considerable resources to help them solve a case

Elementary Season 4, Episode 5 – The Games Underfoot

When an archaeologist is murdered, Holmes and Watson believe the man may have been killed for what he discovered during his last excavation in a local landfill. Also, Sherlock’s relationship with Alfredo, his friend and former sobriety sponsor, hits a rough patch.

Elementary Season 4, Episode 4 – All My Exes Live in Essex

When Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a fertility lab technician, they discover the woman had a secret personal life that leads them to multiple suspects. Also, the tables are turned on Watson when she’s investigated by an NYPD detective.

Elementary Season 4, Episode 3 – Tag, You’re Me

When Sherlock finds himself distracted by his father’s ongoing presence in New York City, he offers to help Morland resolve a work issue in exchange for his prompt departure home. Also, Holmes and Watson’s investigation into the double murder of two men who looked alike leads them into the world of facial recognition technology.

Elementary Season 4, Episode 2 – Evidence of Things Not Seen

When Morland offers to use his influence to have Sherlock and Joan reinstated as consultants to the NYPD, Sherlock’s mistrust of his father makes him question his motivation to help. Also, with no work offers coming in, Watson wrangles a gig with the FBI investigating a triple homicide in a top-secret research lab.

Elementary Season 4, Episode 1 – The Past is Parent

When Holmes faces criminal charges in the aftermath of his recent violent behavior and relapse, his powerful father arrives in New York to fix his estranged son’s legal difficulties by any means necessary. Also, with Holmes and Watson’s consultancy with the NYPD in jeopardy, Holmes concentrates on the case of a missing wife believed to

Elementary Season 3, Episode 24 – A Controlled Descent

Holmes and Watson take on an investigation of a personal nature when Holmes’ recovery sponsor Alfredo suddenly disappears.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 23 – Absconded

A researcher looking into a deadly honey bee outbreak is murdered.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 22 – The Best Way Out Is Always Through

After a judge is discovered dead, Holmes and Watson need to locate the top suspect, an escaped convict.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 21 – Under My Skin

When two New York City paramedics are killed during a kidnapping, Holmes and Watson join the manhunt to find the murderer and the woman he abducted. Also, Holmes learns important information about his recovery sponsor, Alfredo, that strains their relationship.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 20 – A Stitch in Time

Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a professional skeptic, a man who debunked paranormal, religious and scientific phenomenon for a living. The case becomes urgent when his homicide reveals a potential threat to homeland security. Also, Captain Gregson’s daughter and fellow NYPD officer, Hannah, asks Watson for help with one of her cases.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 19 – One Watson, One Holmes

Holmes and Watson find themselves in the middle of a civil war being fought on the Internet when a member of Everyone, the anonymous hacker group they periodically work with, is murdered.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 18 – The View From Olympus

When a driver for a ridesharing company is intentionally run over by a city cab, Holmes and Watson wonder if it’s a case of professional jealousy. Meanwhile, a casual romance Holmes has with one of his longtime “Irregular” consultants becomes complicated when the woman makes a shocking request.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 17 – T-Bone And The Iceman

Holmes and Watson investigate a murder that initially looks like a road rage incident, but takes a new direction when they learn the victim was flash-frozen at the time of death. Also, when Watson’s mother finds out Joan’s brother is cheating on his wife, she puts Joan in the awkward position of confronting him about

Elementary Season 3, Episode 16 – For All You Know

Holmes investigates himself when he becomes a suspect in a murder that took place during the height of his addiction; clues make Holmes question his innocence.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 15 – When Your Number’s Up

Holmes and Watson follow a blood trail into the world of wrongful death compensation when they investigate a series of murders in which the killer leaves envelopes of cash on the victims. Also, Holmes makes a generous gesture towards Watson as she suffers through the aftermath of a personal crisis.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 14 – The Female of the Species

An unexpected event brings Joan into contact again with Elana March, the crime boss she brought to justice. With Joan distracted, Sherlock enlists Detective Bell to join him in a temporary partnership to solve a theft at a local zoo.

Elementary Season 3, Episode 13 – Hemlock

When a debt collector is murdered, Sherlock and Joan attempt to narrow down a suspect pool of thousands of consumers who owed the man money. Joan’s relationship with Andrew progresses when he asks her to meet his father for the first time.