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Glee Season 6, Episode 12, 13 – 2009 / Dreams Come True

Episode 12 – 2009: GLEE goes back in time to find out why the original members of New Directions initially signed up for glee club. Episode 13 – Dreams Come True: GLEE flashes forward to see how the character’s lives have progressed five years down the road in the series finale.

Glee Season 6, Episode 11 – We Built This Glee Club

New Directions and the Warblers go head-to-head at sectionals. Meanwhile, Rachel must choose between returning to NYADA and doing another Broadway show with her past love, Jesse St. James.

Glee Season 6, Episode 10 – The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

Dalton Academy burns to the ground, and the Warblers must combine with the New Directions to form a super group. Meanwhile, Rachel begs Carmen Tibideaux (guest star Whoopi Goldberg) to let her return to NYADA.

Glee Season 6, Episode 9 – Child Star

A high-strung, demanding tween requests that the members of New Directions perform at his bar mitzvah, and the glee club must band together for its first public performance. Meanwhile, Spencer pushes Roderick to lose weight.

Glee Season 6, Episode 8 – A Wedding

The members of New Directions are busy at work planning, planning and planning, while Sue encourages everyone to follow their hearts.

Glee Season 6, Episode 7 – Transitioning

Will takes desperate measures to teach the bullies of Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance. Meanwhile, New Directions rallies to help Rachel transition into her new life when she finds out her childhood home has been sold.

Glee Season 6, Episode 6 – What the World Needs Now

Brittany and Santana need to do some convincing whilst Mercedes attempts to convince Rachel to go for her dreams.

Glee Season 6, Episode 5 – The Hurt Locker: Part 2

Sue attempts to help sort out some relationships. Kitty helps Rachel.

Glee Season 6, Episode 4 – The Hurt Locker: Part 1

Rachel hopes to form a deal in which Will’s glee club purposefully underperforms at their invitational; Sue wants Sam to distract Rachel.

Glee Season 6, Episode 3 – Jagged Little Tapestry

Rachel and Kurt struggle as they try to rebuild and co-direct the glee club at McKinley.

Glee Season 6, Episode 1, 2 – Loser Like Me / Homecoming

Episode 1 – Loser Like Me: After Rachel’s humiliating failure as TV actress, she comes home to Lima to figure out what she wants to do next. Upon discovering that Sue has banished the arts at McKinley, Rachel takes it upon herself to reinstate and lead the Glee Club. Meanwhile, Blaine, no longer in a

Glee Season 5, Episode 20 – The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

In the Season Five finale, Rachel meets a famous television writer (guest star Kristen Schaal), whose eccentric personality catches Rachel off guard. Meanwhile, Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes deal with the pressure of commitment as their careers take off, and the time has finally come for Blaine’s big showcase with June Dolloway (guest star Shirley

Glee Season 5, Episode 19 – Old Dog New Tricks

In an episode written by series star Chris Colfer, Rachel attempts to salvage her reputation among Broadway gossipers, by hiring Santana as her publicist and creating a charity for rescue animals. Meanwhile, Kurt (Colfer) nabs the lead role in a retirement home production of “Peter Pan”.

Glee Season 5, Episode 18 – Back-Up Plan

Rachel jeopardizes her “Funny Girl” lead when she auditions for a television pilot. Meanwhile, Mercedes (guest star Amber Riley) tries to help get Santana in on her recording deal, and Blaine befriends an older, rich socialite (guest star Shirley MacLaine).

Glee Season 5, Episode 17 – Opening Night

Break a leg, Rachel! The night has finally arrived for Rachel’s Broadway debut in “Funny Girl,” and she has very special guests in town to support her career-defining moment.

Glee Season 5, Episode 16 – Tested

When the boys get tested for STDs, Artie tests positive for a disease and he’s forced to tell his sexual partners. Meanwhile, Kurt and Blaine have relationship issues when Blaine puts on his “freshman fifteen”.

Glee Season 5, Episode 15 – Bash

Rachel takes the next step in committing to her role in “Funny Girl.” Meanwhile, Kurt is the victim of an attack because of his sexual preference.

Glee Season 5, Episode 14 – New New York

A few months after the end of the glee club, New Directions alumni are adjusting to their new lives in the Big Apple: Blaine and Sam have moved in with Kurt, while Artie experiences difficulties navigating the mean streets of Manhattan. Also, Rachel gets accustomed to being a Broadway star, and Mercedes (guest star Amber

Glee Season 5, Episode 13 – New Directions

As the fate of the glee club becomes a reality, April (guest star Kristin Chenoweth) and Holly (guest star Gwyneth Paltrow) plot a plan to save New Directions. Meanwhile, Rachel and Santana attempt to make amends after their blowout fight.

Glee Season 5, Episode 12 – 100

Current and past members of New Directions reunite for one final assignment – to reinvent their favorite performances. But these new versions of the series’ most iconic tracks should not be seen as goodbye to glee club. On the contrary, they are celebrations of what the club has meant to each and every member.