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Haven Season 5, Episode 25, 26 – Now / Forever

Episode 25 – Now: In the penultimate episode of the series, hope of ending the troubles begins to fade as the heroes struggle to rebuild the Barn in the face of mounting obstacles. And while Dwight is tempted by a surprise gift, Nathan finds himself considering a devastating sacrifice. Episode 26 – Forever: Nathan struggles

Haven Season 5, Episode 24 – The Widening Gyre

Nathan and Dwight race to rescue Audrey from Croatoan, but the consequences of Duke’s dark destiny wreak havoc on their plans. Meanwhile, Vince contemplates an unusual sacrifice.

Haven Season 5, Episode 23 – Blind Spot

Plans for building a new barn are complicated when an old trouble brings the Haven Police Station to life. It’s up to Audrey and Nathan to find a way to regain control, but their efforts are hampered when a mysterious killer leaves a wake of bodies right under their noses.

Haven Season 5, Episode 22 – A Matter of Time

Audrey and Duke search for a way to save Nathan from the Void. Dave must plumb the depths of his own mind in his struggle to free himself from Croatoan’s deadly grasp.

Haven Season 5, Episode 21 – Close to Home

Nathan encounters an old adversary in the Void; Audrey and Duke deal with a revenge plot; Dwight and Vince struggle to free Dave from Croatoan’s grip.

Haven Season 5, Episode 20 – Just Passing Through

Nathan and Vince travel back to the year 1983 in order to discover Croatoan’s origins in Haven; at the same time, Duke finds himself in grave danger after being apprehended by a mysterious foe.

Haven Season 5, Episode 19 – Perditus

Nathan receives otherworldly help as he works to track down a terrifying killer; and Duke reaches a crossroads after he has an alarming vision of Haven’s future.

Haven Season 5, Episode 18 – Wild Card

Charlotte and Audrey work on a new plan; Dwight and Nathan investigate a threat; the Teagues try to identify the serial killer.

Haven Season 5, Episode 17 – Enter Sandman

Dwight and Charlotte work on a way to free Audrey from the Sandman’s stasis before he can trap her in his mind forever; at the same time, Duke tries to help Darkside Seeker Seth Byrne recover his memories of Haven.

Haven Season 5, Episode 16 – The Trial of Nathan Wuornos

Dwight and Charlotte work to clear Nathan’s name when the citizens of Haven put the lawman on trial. Hoping to buy them time, the brothers Teagues moderate the courtroom proceedings, while Audrey continues her quest to solve the darkness troubles.

Haven Season 5, Episode 14, 15 – New World Order / Power

Dwight struggles to keep order when Duke’s trouble wreaks havoc around town. Meanwhile, Audrey and Charlotte must work together to battle a mysterious fog that is trapping everyone inside Haven.

Haven Season 5, Episode 13 – Chosen

As Mara’a endgame becomes clear, Nathan and Audrey pursue a plan to stop her once and for all.

Haven Season 5, Episode 12 – Chemistry

Divided loyalties put the gang at odds; and a terrifying revelation changes everything.

Haven Season 5, Episode 11 – Reflections

Duke’s roiling troubles and a new threat to Audrey leave the pair with no alternative but to turn to potentially dangerous allies for help.

Haven Season 5, Episode 10 – Mortality

Dr. Cross could expose Haven’s secrets to the outside world but does she have her own agenda.

Haven Season 5, Episode 9 – Morbidity

The town’s residents succumb to a mysterious illness, the symptoms of which threaten to expose Haven’s secrets to a dangerous newcomer.

Haven Season 5, Episode 8 – Exposure

Audrey must call in outside help as she is no longer immune to the troubles.

Haven Season 5, Episode 7 – Nowhere Man

A paranormal trouble tears Audrey and Nathan apart just after they were reunited.

Haven Season 5, Episode 6 – The Old Switcheroo (2)

Mara capitalises on the fallout from the latest trouble, forcing Nathan and Duke to make a desperate and dangerous gamble to get Audrey back before they lose her forever.

Haven Season 5, Episode 5 – The Old Switcheroo (1)

Vince and Dave journey to North Carolina to investigate the mysteries of Dave’s past, but their probing unearths a body swapping trouble that hamstrings their hunt and affects our people back in Haven.