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Haven Season 5, Episode 4 – Much Ado About Mara

With Dwight now leading The Guard, he and Nathan come to a crossroads over what to do about Mara. Dwight wants her to end the troubles-at any cost-but Nathan is convinced that Audrey’s still in there.

Haven Season 5, Episode 3 – Spotlight

Dwight and Duke deal with a deadly trouble that threatens to burn the town to the ground.

Haven Season 5, Episode 2 – Speak No Evil

With Nathan and Duke dealing with the loss of people close to them, Dwight tries to keep Haven together as Mara unleashes a new wave of Troubles.

Haven Season 5, Episode 1 – See No Evil

Audrey, Nathan and Duke’s victory over William feels hollow as they deal with the aftermath with Duke on death’s door, Mara in control of Audrey’s body, and a strange trouble supernaturally silencing citizens all over town.

Haven Season 4, Episode 13 – The Lighthouse

Season 4 finale. William continues with his plan to turn Audrey back into her original self. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang finds out that some doors are better left unopened.

Haven Season 4, Episode 12 – When the Bough Breaks

To convince Audrey of the truth behind her origins, William unleashes a terrible new curse.

Haven Season 4, Episode 11 – Shot in the Dark

The Seekers follow a monster to Haven; their presence threatens to reveal the town’s Troubles to the entire world.

Haven Season 4, Episode 10 – The Trouble With Troubles

Audrey finds herself in a different Haven where Troubles don’t exist.

Haven Season 4, Episode 9 – William

Audrey discovers that the mysterious thugs from the Barn have followed Lexie to Haven holding William as a hostage. She and William must uncover their sinister plan before the town tears itself apart.

Haven Season 4, Episode 7 – Lay Me Down

Nathan and Lexie hunt a Trouble that attacks Haven’s citizens in their nightmares, while Duke deals with the very real nightmare his brother has become.

Haven Season 4, Episode 6 – Countdown

When people start simultaneously turning hard as stone, Nathan, Duke, and Lexie find themselves in a race against time to find the Troubled person responsible.

Haven Season 4, Episode 5 – The New Girl

Lexie jumpstarts her life in Haven by joining Nathan on the hunt for a deadly Trouble that seems to change its victims’ personalities.

Haven Season 4, Episode 4 – Lost and Found

Duke works with Jennifer to find Audrey, while Nathan and Dwight search for several children who have disappeared under the seemingly most impossible circumstances.

Haven Season 4, Episode 3 – Bad Blood

Nathan and Dwight race to search for the trouble behind a series of exsanguinated corpses before more blood is spilled. Meanwhile, Duke must convince his half-brother Wade to leave Haven before he learns the truth of the Crocker family trouble.

Haven Season 4, Episode 2 – Survivors

As charred bodies are uncovered around Haven, Duke must refocus Nathan from his search for Audrey to solve the case at hand. Meanwhile, Audrey’s fate rests with Jennifer, as she comes to terms with her own trouble.

Haven Season 4, Episode 1 – Fallout

Duke is ejected from the barn and rescued by a young woman; Audrey is missing and the Troubles are worse than ever

Haven Season 3, Episode 12, 13 – Reunion and Thanks for the Memories

Episode 12: Nathan and Duke go back to their high school to help Audrey apprehend a troubled killer who is wreaking havoc at a student reunion. Episode 13: Season 3 comes to a close as Audrey grapples with her fate; at the same time she, Nathan and Duke prepare for a showdown with the Bolt

Haven Season 3, Episode 11 – Last Goodbyes

Audrey works on the Bolt Gun Killer case with the only other person in Haven who hasn’t succumbed to a deep sleep

Haven Season 3, Episode 10 – Burned

Facing the looming prophecy of her disappearance in just a few days, Audrey tries to do anything that will alter her fate, but a series of events bring her face-to-face with the Bolt Gun Killer.

Haven Season 3, Episode 9 – Sarah

Duke gets taken back to 1955; Nathan tries to find a way to rescue Duke from the past and to set things right in the present.