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Hell’s Kitchen US Season 16, Episode 5

After a shocking elimination, both teams must regroup and chart a new course. During The Seven Seas Seafood Challenge, the chefs will go head-to-head against a chef of their choice from the opposing team. Each pair will choose a body of water that will reveal a type of fish that they will have 30 minutes

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 16, Episode 4 – Surf Riding & Turf Fighting

The contestants compete in a surf and turf protein relay for the chance to win a day of surfing at the Wavehouse in San Diego. Meanwhile, the losing team must make sausages from scratch. Later, the pressure is on during dinner service when a VIP 12-top are among the night’s guests.

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 16, Episode 3 – The Yolks on Them

The teams break through giant ostrich eggs to obtain ingredients in order to prepare eight unique dishes using a selection of ostrich cuts; chefs David McMillan and Frederic Morin serve as guest judges.

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 16, Episode 2 – Crepe Grand Prix

The contestants race in the first annual Crepe Grand Prix challenge for a chance to win a luxurious dining experience on a yacht in Santa Barbara. Later, one team struggles right out of the gate during a dinner service featuring VIP guests Maureen DeWulf and Dash Mihok.

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 16, Episode 1 – When the Wall Comes Tumbling Down

In the 16th season premiere, chef Gordon Ramsey welcomes his 18 new recruits on the grounds of the U.S. Army training facility. Then, it’s survival of the fittest when they face the Signature Dish challenge and their first dinner service, during which they cook for VIP guests Nolan Gould and Erica Ash.

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 16 – Winner Chosen

After facing a number of grueling challenges and dinner services, this season’s finalists will compete one last time to see who will be victorious and claim the winning prize of $250,000 and a Head Chef position at BLT Steak at Bally’s Las Vegas. During the finale, the Top Two finalists will create five stunning dishes,

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 15 – 3 Chefs Compete

Only three chefs remain, after Chef Ramsay unexpectedly eliminated twos. The remaining chefs will be challenged to perfectly prepare a steak dish, plus two stunning sides in just 40 minutes. They’ll have to impress special guest judge, executive chef Ari Rosenson from CUT by Wolfgang Puck in Beverly Hills, who will have the final say

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 14 – 5 Chefs Compete

After receiving their coveted black jackets, it’s back to high school for the remaining chefs for their first individual challenge. Each chef will prepare a high school lunch dish, with the teenagers serving as the judges. The chef with the best report card will win the challenge and be rewarded with a trip to San

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 13 – 6 Chefs Compete

Great chefs need to become great teachers. After a surprise visit from their loved ones, the remaining six chefs are quickly thrown into a challenge in which they must properly execute Chef Ramsay’s Branzino dish. During the challenge, the chefs will be forced to wear a straitjacket while instructing their loved ones on how to

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 12 – 7 Chefs Compete

Chef Ramsay puts together a blind taste test challenge, in which each chef must identify different ice cream flavors. This time, the blame won’t just fall on the chef who guesses the wrong flavor. After three wrong guesses, a different team member will be blasted by a mysterious ice cream topping. The team that recognizes

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 11 – 8 Chefs Compete

This week, Chef Ramsay wastes no time, quickly throwing the remaining chefs into a challenge that will be a test of teamwork, creativity and communication. Each team will be responsible for preparing three entrees, each using a different protein. But, there’s a catch: only one chef from each team will be allowed in the kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 10 – 9 Chefs Compete

After last week’s shocking elimination, Chef Ramsay invites the contestants to participate in a breakfast challenge. Divided into four categories, both teams must make a vegetarian, meat, seafood and sweet dish for their surprise judges: Suzanne Tracht, executive chef and owner of Jar; and David Lefevre, executive chef and owner of M.B. Post. The winning

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 9 – 10 Chefs Again

After two contestants swap teams, Chef Ramsay startles the cooks by inviting a furry friend to the dining room – Jack, a 12-year-old American bison. The contestants will aim to please as they go head to head in a bison dish challenge, during which their archery skills ultimately determine which country’s cuisine their dish will

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 8 – 10 Chefs Compete

Chef Ramsay surprises the contestants with a rockin’ performance from Grammy Award-winning guitarist Steve Vai, to illustrate the similarities between musicians and cooks in their ability to make magic with just one instrument. For this week’s team challenge, the contestants are tasked with creating five unique dishes, each only containing 7, 6, 5, 4 or

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 7 – 11 Chefs Compete

Love is in the air when Chef Ramsay invites special guest and former HELL’S KITCHEN sous chef Andi into the kitchen for the next team challenge. Both teams will be tasked with creating six unique dishes for Andi’s wedding reception, which will be in place of the next dinner service. The winning team will be

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 6 – 12 Chefs Compete

After the most intense and disappointing dinner service yet, the blue team welcomes a new member and Chef Ramsay invites the contestants to participate in a grocery spelling challenge. Using grocery carts, contestants will have to spell out the words of each ingredient they wish to use during the next team cooking challenge. Then, the

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 5 – 14 Chefs Compete

After the red team gains a member from the blue team, Chef Ramsay introduces the contestants to a celebratory challenge as he tasks them to work in pairs to create three main dishes each with a different holiday theme: 4th of July, Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras. The team that completes the most dishes

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 4 – 15 Chefs Compete

After an unexpected elimination for the red team, Chef Ramsay starts at the quack of dawn, as he challenges contestants to a rubber duck hunt to determine what ingredients they will use with duck in the next team challenge. With the help of special guest judge Chef Josiah Citron, Chef Ramsay will decide which team

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 3 – 16 Chefs Compete

The contestants are faced with a communications challenge; the winning team goes on a relaxing retreat while the losers prepare for dinner service, which involves gutting 100 pounds of sea bass. VIP guests include astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Hell’s Kitchen US Season 15, Episode 2 – 17 Chefs Compete

Chef Gordon Ramsay puts both teams to the test when they are challenged to produce more shrimp dumplings than their opposing team in just 20 minutes. To make the challenge more difficult, Chef Ramsay sends out multiple rounds of distractions, testing the team’s attention to detail and concentration. Later, the teams face a tough dinner