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Homeland Season 4, Episode 4 – Iron in the Fire

Carrie gets a tip. Saul calls in a favor. Fara uncovers a conspiracy.

Homeland Season 4, Episode 3 – Shalwar Kameez

Carrie ventures a delicate alliance with her counterpart at Pakistan’s secretive Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Fara fails to recruit a key asset, forcing Carrie to intervene. Still reeling over events in Islamabad, Quinn zeroes in on a potential lead.

Homeland Season 4, Episode 1, 2 – The Drone Queen / Trylon and Perisphere

As CIA Chief of Station in Kabul, Carrie makes a critical decision when her counterpart in Islamabad delivers urgent intelligence on a high value target. Back in the States, Saul struggles to adjust to his new role in the private sector.

Homeland Season 4, Episode 0 – Debrief

The stars and makers of ‘Homeland’ recap the show’s highlights to prepare us for the thrilling new season.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 12 – The Star

Season 3 ends with security forces closing in on Carrie and Brody, and Brody struggling to find redemption. Meanwhile, Saul plans a last-ditch rescue mission.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 11 – Big Man in Tehran

Brody’s loyalty to the mission comes into question when he meets a ghost from his past. Elsewhere, Lockhart’s confirmation nears; and Saul stares into the precipice between success and failure.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 10 – Good Night

Brody embarks on a mission with high stakes; Quinn makes a discovery about Carrie; Fara must rejoin the team.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 9 – Horse and Wagon

Carrie and Brody reunite under difficult circumstances; Saul gets a win from an unlikely source; Dana struggles with her new life.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 8 – A Red Wheelbarrow

Carrie and Quinn pursue a key suspect in the Langley bombing; Saul contends with political backlash; the intelligence job takes a toll on Fara; the Brody family gets shocking news.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 7 – Gerontion

Saul makes the gamble of his career; Carrie and Quinn try to contain a local police investigation; Mira’s marriage is at a crossroads.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 6 – Still Positive

Carrie turns the tables on the mastermind of the Langley bombing and recruits one of Iran’s most powerful operatives. Meanwhile, Saul struggles to keep an intrusive Sen. Lockhart at bay; and Dana makes a radical decision that changes her family forever.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 5 – Yoga Play

Carrie puts her mission on the line. Saul rubs elbows with his adversary.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 4 – Game On

Dana goes AWOL, forcing Jessica to call the police. Carrie has a meeting.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 3 – Tower of David

Brody returns to his faith for guidance. Carrie gets a suspicious offer.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 2 – Uh… Oo… Aw…

Saul attempts to track down those responsible for the Langley attack and recruits an unlikely expert to follow the money trail. Meanwhile, Quinn takes matters into his own hands; Carrie learns who is really on her side; and the Brody family turn to therapy to mend their broken household.

Homeland Season 3, Episode 1 – Tin Man is Down

In the aftermath of the horrific terror attack that destroyed the U.S. intelligence apparatus, a global manhunt begins for the world’s most wanted terrorist – Nicholas Brody. Meanwhile the government’s investigation deepens, with a Senate Select Committee begins asking for answers, while Carrie and Saul attempt to put their shattered careers back together.