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Hotel Impossible Season 8, Episode 3, 4 – Lions, Tigers and Wasps, Oh My! / Alarmed in Alaska

Anthony Melchiorri visits Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas where lodging takes a backseat to the animals. If Anthony can help the owners make lodging a priority, they could generate more money to save more animals. / At Hooligan’s Lodge in Soldotna, Alaska, Anthony meets an owner who won’t comply with the local fire code.

Hotel Impossible Season 8, Episode 2 – Fire Island Meltdown

At Clegg’s Hotel on Fire Island, New York, Anthony Melchiorri meets a controlling owner that needs to update his hotel, which has barely changed in 70 years. Will Anthony be able to get through to the owner?

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 14 – Anchorless in Anchorage

Anthony Melchiorri visits Anchorage Lofts in Alaska. It has a pool area being used as storage space, a restaurant that doesn’t make enough money and major upper-management issues. Can Anthony help the owners before their $9.4 million investment goes belly-up?

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 13 – Funeral Home Impossible

Anthony Melchiorri visits the Posada de San Juan in California where the owner runs the property that her late husband built. The hotel desperately needs a facelift, but that won’t happen until control is passed to the next generation.

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 12 – Top Ten Room Inspection Horrors

Anthony shows his viewers the ten worst rooms that he’s seen in seven seasons of the show.

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 11 – Tiny Horse, Big Problems

Anthony Melchiorri visits the Big Bear Motel in Cody, Wyoming, where the owners’ daughter is eager to take over, but she has a lot to learn about running the family business.

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 9, 10

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 8 – The Pain in Maine

Anthony Melchiorri visits the struggling Trade Winds Inn in historic Rockland, Maine. The waterfront hotel has a ton of potential, but Bob is not ready to let his children take over leadership of the business.

Hotel Impossible S07 Special: Dirty Pool and Resignations

In this special episode of Hotel Impossible, Anthony takes a look at the top ten meltdowns on the show.

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 6, 7 – Boss’s Time Out / Malpractice in Hawaii

Episode 6 – Boss’s Time Out: The housekeeping staff at the Bossier Inn & Suites have to deal with an abusive owner and low wages. Meanwhile, Anthony tries to help out by getting the property sold when he realizes the owner has no idea how to run a hotel. Episode 7 – Malpractice in Hawaii:

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 5 – Branson Misery

At the Colonial Mountain Inn in Branson, Missouri, Anthony has to deal with mismanagement among an owner and his son, as well as several safety hazards and obsolete rooms.

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 4 – Rocky Relationships

Anthony visits scenic Libby, Montana, to help a family that owns two motels. The Hills don’t approve of their son Matthew’s fiance, which has caused a rift in the family. This has kept Matthew from addressing many managerial issues. Can Anthony bring this family back together before one of the two motels has to close

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 2 – Futility Closet

At the Sandy Shore Motel, Anthony battles a tyrannical owner, moldy rooms, and dissatisfied employees.

Hotel Impossible Season 7, Episode 1 – Hostel Takeover

Ugly grime, safety issues, and an uncaring assistant manager are the major issues at the Gardner, an El Paso hostel.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 12 – Underwear, Under Where?

Anthony heads to Gatlinburg, TN, home of Smoky Mountain National Park, to help the 120-room Brookside Resort. It is under-staffed, has horrid online reviews, inexperienced managers and he finds pink underwear under a mattress.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 11 – A Tall Odor in Myrtle Beach

Anthony is in Myrtle Beach at the moldy, foul-smelling Lancer Motel, and he doesn’t believe in the owner’s son who’s hoping to run the business. After putting employees at risk of a bed bug infestation, can Anthony trust the new regime?

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 10 – Spinning Out of Control

Anthony is in historic Galena, Illinois, where the Grant Hills Motel is stuck in the past. When the owner and her sister refuse to work together, Anthony resorts to bringing a therapist in to get the sisters communicating again.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 9 – Waterpan-Gate

Anthony visits the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort, KY, oversized & on the brink of imploding. Employee morale, maintenance issues & top-heavy leadership come to a head when he finds pans of water dangerously left in the ceiling.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 8 – See Smell by the Seashore

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 7 – Sweating Bullets in Panama

Anthony lands on Panama’s beaches on a mission to save the struggling 48-room Las Olas Resort from 15 years of debt. Among the improvements he oversees are the makeover of the pool bar and restaurant.