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Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 6 – Dirty Water Falls

The 55-room Waldorf Niagara Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY has safety issues like soaked carpets and bed bugs.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 5 – Hershey Addiction

Thrill-riders and chocoholics in Hershey, PA; an intervention for the GM of the struggling Simmons Motel.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 4 – To Be or Not To Be

Anthony is in Utah to help the struggling Stratford Court Hotel, sitting at the center of the town.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 3 – Not Anice Hotel

Anthony discovers that the Anice Inn & Suites is crawling with killer bees, bedbugs, mold, and feral cats.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 2 – Bite Me

Exterminating bed bugs in a 40-room country barn motel in N.H.; the three owners argue; the motel is about to turn back into a barn.

Hotel Impossible Season 6, Episode 1 – Fix Your Kicks on Route 66

Anthony and hit team hit the road in a tricked out RV to take on three failing hotels in Arizona on Route 66: a camping & trailer park, a “luxury” inn, and a former bordello.

Hotel Impossible S05: Top Ten Forces of Nature Special

Extreme weather, creepy creatures, outrageous animal behavior.

Hotel Impossible S05: Top Ten Amazing Transformations Special

Anthony and designer Blanche recall the show’s top 10 amazing transformations.

Hotel Impossible S05: Top 10 Blowups and Meltdowns Special

Anthony counts down the 10 most outrageous blowups and emotional meltdowns from the past 5 seasons of Hotel Impossible, revealing shocking, never-before-seen footage from these explosive moments.

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 12 – The Big Sleasy

Anthony visits a boutique hotel in historic and tourist heavy New Orleans, and finds mistreated employees and ridiculous cost-cutting policies. Can Anthony urge a stubborn owner to sell the hotel to her sons for a fresh start?

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 11 – Getting Screwed

When Anthony hits the booming oil town of Williston, ND, and sees that the Missouri Flats Inn isn’t treating its guests well, he decides to do something he’s never done before.

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 10 – Sleeping on the Job

Anthony is dogging the owner of the CitiGarden Hotel in San Francisco, but considering its disgusting guest rooms, under-performing manager, and sexy surprise, he’ll need to overcome a lot of negative reviews to create a new brand of success.

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 9 – Clearing the Heir

Anthony heads to Moclips, WA, to help the family-run Ocean Crest Resort. With guest rooms reminiscent of a ’70s sitcom and an heir who seems completely clueless, the hotel needs Anthony to prepare the next generation to sell it or save it

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 8 – Packing Heat (REAL)

Anthony heads to the coast of Maine to help the Vacationland Inn. There, he will need to school the owners and the pistol-packing managers, who want to buy the inn, on improving hotel security and treating their employees better.

Hotel Impossible S05 Special: 5 Star Secrets

Anthony stays at the Sorento Penthouse at the Fontainebleau Hotel in South Beach, FL, tours the kitchen, and has lunch on the beach of the five-star hotel.

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 7 – Resort to Spanking

Anthony is in the beautiful lake town of Manson, WA, at the Mountain View Lodge. Facing a passive-aggressive owner with a lack of control in a struggling tourist town, Anthony has his work cut out for him at this summertime retreat.

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 6 – Masters of My Domain

Anthony is in Aiken, SC, 30 minutes from Augusta National Golf Club, to help a struggling 34-room family hotel. Can he persuade the stubborn owner to change her ways, or will he struggle to get the hotel out of the rough?

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 5 – Super Nova Scotia

Anthony is in Canada’s Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to help rebrand the 70-room Hearthstone Inn. Can he deal with an unkempt exterior, a non-existent branding plan and tense, lost leadership before everything implodes?

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 4 – Crappy Management

Anthony is in Crookston, MN, to help the struggling 72-room Crookston Inn & Convention Center. Frustrations mount when Anthony forces a surly manager to own up to a disgusting bathroom and suggests that the owners fire another.

Hotel Impossible Season 5, Episode 3 – Rotting Woodstock

Anthony visits historic Woodstock, NY, to get the struggling 35-room Woodstock Lodge back on its feet. But the owner’s stubbornness and anger could force Anthony to leave before they can render any help at all.