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Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 8, 9 – Who’s Better than Us? / The Power of Positive Drinking

Kevin gets jealous when he hears how happy his former patrol partner is with his fit, new rookie, Nick, and sets out to show his old friend what he’s missing. / When Kevin takes a job as a bartender, he goes too far when he starts dispensing unsolicited advice to his customers.

Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 7 – Hallow-We-Ain’t-Home

On Halloween, Kevin and Donna’s neighbors “trick” them in holiday style when they pretend not to be home to avoid giving out candy. Also, Chale has an altercation with a man dressed as a Viking.

Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 6 – Beat the Parents

Kevin and Donna are thrilled when their son, Jack, makes friends with a boy from school, Grayden, however, when Donna and Kevin don’t hit it off with Grayden’s arrogant father, Vic, and his pushy wife, Brandi, they set out to sabotage the boys’ new friendship.

Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 5 – Kevin’s Good Story

Kevin gets “busted” for using Goody’s heroic cop story from years ago to get out of forgetting his wedding anniversary.

Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 4 – Kevin and Donna’s Book Club

After Kevin witnesses Donna and her friends’ raucous laughter during their book club gathering, he tries to spice up his own social life by evaluating how each of his buddies could be more fun.

Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 3 – Chore Weasel

Kevin thinks he’s got it made when he hires Blake via a new online app that supplies people to do household chores while he plays football with his buddies and then takes all the credit with Donna.

Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 2 – Sleep Disorder

Kevin Can Wait Season 1, Episode 1

Sony Pictures Television i/a/w CBS Television Studios i/a/w Hey Eddie Prods. Kevin James returns to series television in an irresistible comedy about a newly retired police officer looking forward to quality time with his family—and his fellow retired cops. When his oldest daughter announces she’s dropping out of college to support her fiancé, Kevin knows