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Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 9 – Destiny’s Child

Bo resolves to go to hell and back to get the answers she’s been searching for, with or without her friends’ support. Meanwhile, Kenzi’s determined to uncover what Trick’s hiding.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 8 – Groundhog Fae

Bo’s friends are having to much fun celebrating the Yule to realize that she has gone missing. But when the night starts repeating itself, Bo makes it her mission to stop it. Meanwhile, Lauren and Dyson disagree over a mysterious package addressed to Bo.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 7 – La Fae Époque

Bo and Lauren delve into Dyson’s memory when he’s on trial for murder.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 6 – Of All the Gin Joints

Bo fights for the freedom of a talented opera singer, whose voice could be the key to unlocking the answers she seeks. Meanwhile, Kenzi is threatened by someone from Hale’s past.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 5 – Let the Dark Times Roll

Bo continues her quest for answers and ends up with her friends at a Dark Fae party with a guest list that’s kind of scary. Meanwhile, Trick receives a summons to appear before The Una Mens.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 4 – Turn to Stone

When the Clubhouse is robbed, Kenzi’s forced to make a confession that could threaten her friendship with Bo. Meanwhile, an angry and frustrated Bo does the unthinkable, she confronts a dangerous foe and makes a shocking discovery.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 3 – Lovers. Apart.

Bo jeopardizes her life to save a haunted family. Meanwhile, Dyson races to be by Bo’s side and Lauren’s past catches up with her.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 2 – Sleeping Beauty School

Dyson seeks out an elemental Fae to rescue someone he loves. Meanwhile, Kenzi’s stuck on babysitting duty, but her unlikely charge might be the key to cracking the case.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 1 – In Memoriam

The gang works on a case of stolen memory while the Morrigan is determined to make sure certain memories stay buried.

Lost Girl Season 4, Episode 0 – An Evening at the Clubhouse

Leading into the season four premiere, the Lost Girl pre-show features cast-on-cast interviews, exclusive webisode footage and a special season four sneak peek. During the show, the cast reflect on both the past and upcoming seasons, reveal behind-the-scenes stories and respond to fan questions.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 13 – Those Who Wander

Bo attempts an unlikely rescue against an army to save two people who are dear to her – unaware of the dangers facing those she leaves behind. Kenzi has an epiphany about Hale. Dyson is given an important clue to Bo’s past, just as doubt is cast on his own future.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 12 – Hail, Hale

Chaos strikes during a daring attack on The Dal, leaving the fate of one of the gang in the balance. Meanwhile, The Morrigan leaps on the opportunity to ignite the tensions between Light and Dark… catching Kenzi and Hale in the crossfire.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 11 – Adventures in Fae-bysitting

Bo and Kenzi become entangled in the schemes of a gated community when a babysitter pleads for their help to prove her employer has met with a foul end. Meanwhile, Lauren comes to a difficult – and dangerous – decision.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 10 – Delinquents

Bo receives news that’s difficult to accept; at the same time, she, Dyson and Kenzi go undercover at an urban camp for at-risk youth in an effort to nab a Fae serial killer who seems to be targeting the kids. Elsewhere, Tasmin encounters a blast from the past.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 9 – The Ceremony

Reality and fantasy converge as Bo confronts her ultimate challenge; Trick dreads the meaning of something he sees.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 8 – Fae-ge Against the Machine

What was meant as a night off for Bo grows into a scavenger hunt in a lawless Dark Fae territory; in Bo’s absence, Trick is placed in an unsafe position with potentially dire consequences.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 7 – There’s Bo Place Like Home

Bo returns home to the farm with Kenzi to face her old demons and a new one in order to clear way for the path she will soon be forced to take.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 6 – The Kenzi Scale

The gang is forced to stage an intervention against an increasingly erratic Bo; Bo believes the only way to save someone close to her is to accept help from the person she trusts least.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 5 – Faes Wide Shut

When humans start dissolving into piles of goo, Bo uncovers a nefarious twist to a sexy Key Club. Meanwhile, Kenzi gets clingy with Bo – and a little Machiavellian with the others… forcing Bo to make an extreme revelation about her bestie.

Lost Girl Season 3, Episode 4 – Fae-de To Black

Self-delusion meets illusion when Bo and Dyson take on a case in the world of new age psychology, and Bo suffers the consequences of denying her ravenous hunger. Kenzi feels the weight of trying to find a place in her friends’ new lives – leaving her vulnerable to an impending threat.