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Melissa & Joey Season 4, Episode 2 – A Melanie & Josiah Christmas

In “A Melanie & Josiah Christmas”. It’s Mel and Joe’s first Christmas as a couple, which leads to a competition over whose family ornament should take the prestigious top spot on the tree. To defend her ornament’s worthiness, Mel tells an elaborate tale about how the star came into her family over 100 years ago.

Melissa & Joey Season 4, Episode 1 – Witch Came First

Mel’s doctor (guest star Beth Broderick, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”) drops by on Halloween to convince Mel she was once a teenage witch and needs to battle the evil Dark Lord. At first Mel and Joe don’t believe her, but then Joe’s Halloween robot Scary Larry comes to life, and Mel accidentally turns Lennox into

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 37 – At Last

Joe impulsively invites his family to move in without consulting Mel first.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 36 – Maybe I’m Amazed

On the heels of some shocking news at the wedding, Joe makes a rash decision that could alter his and Mel’s relationship forever.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 35 – You’re the One That I Want

It’s Mel and Joe’s wedding weekend, but things aren’t running as smoothly as they’d hoped.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 34 – Uninvited

Joe’s mother and estranged brother show up unexpectedly.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 33 – Don’t Look Back in Anger

Mel and Joe reflect on their relationship and bend the truth as they try to impress a counselor.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 32 – Right Time, Right Place

Mel plans the perfect wedding day for her friend Carrie. But when Carrie calls it off, Mel wonders if she should keep all the flowers, catering and venue for her and Joe. Meanwhile, Lennox helps Ryder lie on his resume to help him get a job.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 31 – Accidents Will Happen

Mel finds out some unexpected news from her doctor and has to choose the right time when to tell Joe. Ryder forms a study group with a huge mix of people. Lennox and Zander get their wires crossed.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 30 – More than Roommates

Joe inherits his Nona Sophia’s ugly chair – the one she died in – and can’t wait to finally add a piece of his life into Mel’s home. Mel, unfortunately, doesn’t feel the same way and tries to find ways to get rid of the chair without hurting Joe’s feelings. Meanwhile, Ryder pretends he’s a

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 29 – Born to Run

Mel’s wild father comes to town to help Mel announce her state senate run. But when Joe teaches him about “selfies,” he accidentally sends a racy photo to everyone involved in Mel’s campaign, hurting her chances at winning. Meanwhile, Ryder tries to come up with a winning idea for his Entrepreneur’s Club.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 28 – Catch & Release

Against Mel’s better judgment, Joe agrees to act as a wingman to his recently divorced friend Charlie when they go out to a bar. There, Joe meets Darcy who doesn’t know he has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Zander decides to move in with two female co-eds at his college, much to Lennox’s chagrin.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 27 – I’ll Cut You

Mel is completely on Joe’s side when he’s involved in a hit and run, until she discovers the other driver is her beloved hairdresser, Calista. Meanwhile, Ryder tries to win Stella back with a grand romantic gesture during class much to the frustration of her teacher

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 26 – Chaperones

Mel and Joe are forced to chaperone Ryder’s school dance, getting themselves kicked out by the Vice Principal for bad behavior. Meanwhile, Ryder contemplates breaking up with Stella but does an about-face after helping her nurse a sick Isabel.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 25 – My Roof, My Rules

When Mel and Joe discover Lennox is secretly dating her teaching assistant, Emerson, Joe talks Mel into putting her foot down and forbidding the relationship. But things don’t go as planned, and Lennox ends up moving out… and into Emerson’s apartment. Meanwhile, Ryder is stuck at the Canadian border after leaving his passport somewhere in

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 24 – To Tell the Truth

Mel and Joe have a fun game night with married couple Nate and Gillian, whom they hope to remain good friends with. But then Nate tells Joey a big secret… that Joe in turn tells Mel… who then tells Gillian… Meanwhile, after flunking out of art school, Zander shows up begging Ryder to let him

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 23 – Couples Therapy

Mel gets a reluctant Joe to agree to couple’s therapy to work on their constant arguing. But she’s completely caught off guard when the therapist turns out to be Joe’s ex-girlfriend (guest star Elizabeth Berkeley).

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 22 – House Broken

Mel tries to talk Joe into letting her get a dog, but he argues that he’ll be the one stuck taking care of it. She adopts the mutt anyway – much to Joe’s chagrin. But soon, “father and son” are inseparable, leaving Mel feeling left out. Meanwhile, Ryder finds himself spending more and more time

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 21 – Plus One

Mel takes Joe to a work dinner. Upon meeting the press, Joe starts to spout his-and Mel’s-opinions on issues, which garners Mel bad press. Meanwhile, Ryder musters up the courage to ask his new Chem partner Stella out on a date.

Melissa & Joey Season 3, Episode 20 – Feel the Burn

After winning an 8-course dining experience in a raffle, Mel decides to preemptively join an exercise boot camp to lose weight before she gorges on the gourmet meal.