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Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 9 – The MythBusters Grand Finale + Reunion + Duct Tape

Episode 9 – The MythBusters Grand Finale: This is it. The last ever episode of MythBusters. Prepare to be blown away by the most epic grand finale in television history! Season 16 The Reunion: All five MythBusters reunite as they pull back the curtain as never before to give a suitably epic, enlightening and emotional

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 8 – The Reddit Special

From the very beginning, fan feedback has been integral to MythBusters. In this final season episode, the most interactive show on TV has peaked with a reddit Special where the internet is in complete control of the editorial.

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 7 – Rocketmen

In their farewell season Adam and Jamie test the fan favourite, explosive technology, in a one mega-myth in-depth episode – are gummy bears a viable rocket fuel?

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 6 – Failure is Not an Option!

Adam and Jamie drift on dirt, fire at fish tanks and blow up things in the name of science.

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 5 – Volunteer Special

The MythBusters Volunteer Special tackles a myth about zombie weapons & how best to wait in line at a store. An army of human guinea pigs/volunteers help out!

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 4 – Driven to Destruction

Adam and Jamie destroy cars in style – one with a vacuum cleaner and the other with a massive amount of C4!

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 3 – Cooking Chaos

In their farewell season the guys stir up some cooking chaos. Testing 2 viral video sensations: cannon fired shrimp and an explosive tomato smoothie.

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 2 – Tanker Crush

In their farewell season Adam & Jamie take on their biggest ever experiment ever in an attempt to crush a giant tanker train car by creating a vacuum!

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 1 – The Explosion Special

In their farewell season Adam and Jamie go out with a bang. They bid farewell to their favorite pastime with two explosive tall tales.

Mythbusters Season 16, Episode 0 – MythBusters Revealed: The Behind the Scenes Season Opener

In this behind-the-scenes exclusive, Adam and Jamie showcase what’s to come in the mother of all final seasons and how they made it!

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 14 – Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back

The Myths Strike Back when Adam and Jamie once again confront the dark side of science in a workshop not so far, far away…

Mythbusters Season 5, Episode 13 – Mythbusters vs. JAWS

It’s the MythBusters Shark Special as the guys retackle the explosive finale of the film Jaws. But that’s not all – with two shark repellent myths thrown in for good measure, the guys are going to need a bigger boat!

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 12 – Unfinished Business

Adam and Jamie tackle fan favorites; video games; grenades; spy cars; super-fast firearms.

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 11 – Supernatural Shooters

Adam and Jamie investigate the ability of hit men to take down a target.

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 10 – Dangerous Driving

Adam and Jamie crank the controversy to the max as they find out if Hands-Free driving is really the solution to making that all important call at the wheel.

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 9 – Accidental Ammo

Stand by for some ballistic backyard bedlam and a gruesome glass guillotine in an episode devoted to accidental ammo!

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 8 – Flights of Fantasy

Adam and Jamie tackle two flights of fantasy.

MythBusters Season 15, Episode 7 – Blow It Out of The Water

Can a boat be blown out of the water without destroying it? Is it possible to mount a remote-controlled machine gun in a car trunk and use it to kill a roomful of people from outside a house, as seen in the finale of Breaking Bad?

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 6 – San Francisco Drift

The show features two tales of daredevil drifting.

Mythbusters Season 15, Episode 5 – Transformers

Adam and Jamie try the mechanical metamorphosis of a car turning into a motorcycle.