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Ordinary Lies Season 2, Episode 4, 5

Forklift driver Wendy takes drastic measures to make sure her problem goes away. / Fletch and wife Caz are the rock-solid office couple, but then Caz oversteps the mark.

Ordinary Lies Season 2, Episode 3

By day Toke is a manager, but by night he becomes someone entirely different. When he finds a girl in need, he has to question just how far he is willing to go to save her.

Ordinary Lies Season 2, Episode 1

Joe seems to have the perfect family life – until he installs CCTV in his home.

Ordinary Lies Season 1, Episode 6

It has been sixteen months since Beth Corbin’s husband Dave disappeared and as she feels ready to move on with life she is left feeling shocked by some unexpected news. She leaves her girls with her mother-in-law Gina and travels to Margate to face her past.

Ordinary Lies Season 1, Episode 5

Pete and his wife Vannessa learn that they are expecting a baby and it looks like luck is finally on their side. Pete is feeling the pressure financially though. After he and colleague Fat Jason are involved in a violent car robbery during a test drive, things begin to spiral out of control. The police

Ordinary Lies Season 1, Episode 4

Rick is reluctant to give up his fun-loving lifestyle and still works as a part-time DJ and is always the life and soul of the party. He is secretly trapped in an unhappy marriage though which has reached breaking point. He becomes homeless and sleeps in a van in the showroom car park. After Mike

Ordinary Lies Season 1, Episode 3

Determined to make everyone’s business her own, Kathy sees herself as the self-proclaimed moral compass of the office. Her perfect life belies a much deeper frustration though as after having suffered years of a sexless marriage she spends months meticulously planning to meet a secret cyber suitor. The meeting ends up having some life-shattering consequences

Ordinary Lies Season 1, Episode 2

Tracy Shawcross works as JS Motors’ receptionist and she wishes for a luxurious lifestyle of designer clothes and glamour, She is determined to find a way out of her mundane life and thinks that she has found the answer after she starts a relationship with a local DJ called Jimmy.

Ordinary Lies Season 1, Episode 1

Set on the shopfloor and in the offices of a motor showroom, Ordinary Lies tells the story of how desperation can lead to drastic solutions, even in the most everyday of workplaces. Following an ordinary group of colleagues and friends, the witty drama reveals the extraordinary, gradual unravelling of each individual’s torrid lies and secrets