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Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 10 – From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths

When communication with Cosima is cut off and Neolution appears to be within striking distance, Sarah’s alliance with Rachel goes out the window. Sarah lures a high-level Neolutionist into a trap, and sets out to bring down Neolution once and for all.

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 9 – The Mitigation of Competition

Sarah finds herself in the same position as Rachel — under the heel of a new HBIC — causing the archenemies to come together for the greater good. Cosima and Susan butt heads on the ethical implications of human experiments. Meanwhile, when the Hendrixes’ legal counsel, Adele, further investigates Donnie’s case, she begins to suspect

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 8 – The Redesign of Natural Objects

As Alison is terrified by Neolution threats made against Donnie, Sarah and Mrs. S question her loyalty to her sestras. While Sarah is distracted, Siobhan sneaks out to seek vengeance. Meanwhile, Cosima and Susan Duncan work together in a final attempt to discover a cure.

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 7 – The Antisocialism of Sex

Sarah regresses to old habits while struggling to cope with the consequences of her decisions

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 6 – The Scandal of Altruism

When Cosima admits doubts about finding a cure in time to save her life, Sarah makes a lone decision that exposes Kendall to those she’s spent years hiding from. Meanwhile, Art and Felix team up to protect naïve clone, Krystal Godderitch, from herself.

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 5 – Human Raw Material

Sarah’s day off to reconnect with Kira quickly turns into a sleuthing mission aimed squarely at discrediting Felix’s new ties. Cosima steps up with Donnie to further investigate the Neolutionist fertility research center. While Donnie bumps into an all-too-familiar face, Cosima makes a shocking discovery that leads her into a dangerous encounter.

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 4 – From Instinct to Rational Control

Sarah realizes her goals have aligned with her once enemy and forms a precarious alliance in hopes of getting to the head of Neolution. Meanwhile, on her end, Alison dispatches Felix and Donnie to infiltrate a Neolution fertility clinic that Beth investigated. Back at the lab, Cosima and Scott receive a revolting delivery from Alison.

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 3 – The Stigmata of Progress

As Sarah reels from the shocking discovery of Neolution’s biotech, she’s desperate to find answers. Always impulsive, she follows a lead into a harrowing encounter that requires the help of a reluctant new player. Eager to assist, Mrs. S strikes an alliance with an old nemesis. Rachel receives a visit from her keeper and takes

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 2 – Transgressive Border Crossing

After evading a Neolution attack in Iceland, Sarah returns home to track down an elusive new ally. She follows breadcrumbs and uncovers the next facet of Neolution’s agenda – implanting dangerous technological devices in humans. However, those she left behind are wary about her return, not wanting to relinquish their semblance of normalcy. As Cosima

Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 1 – The Collapse of Nature

After two months of respite, Sarah’s hard-won refuge in Iceland is shattered by a Neolution attack. Once again forced to flee, she realizes no matter how far her family runs it will never be far enough.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 10 – History Yet to Be Written

Kendall may be the key to stop Castor; the sisters appear to be thwarting their most dangerous foe.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 9 – Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S are in London to track down the Castor Original, but their enemies are not far behind.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 8 – Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method

Rachel agrees to decode Duncan’s Moreau book in return for her freedom.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 7 – Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

Alison has to try and secure a storefront to take her business forward. Cosima has to deal with some health issues.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 6 – Certain Agony of the Battlefield

Paul finds out the truth concerning Coady’s plans for Castor and he ends up having to make a dangerous play.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 5 – Scarred by Many Past Frustrations

Helena and her sestra are reunited at the Castor camp when Sarah is captured. As Sarah suffers testing, Paul appears to chide her; but his allegiances are beginning to strain. While the Leda family worries about Sarah’s absence, Gracie ‘breaks Amish’ under the care of Mrs. S and an unwilling Felix. Cosima falls hard for

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 4 – Newer Elements of Our Defense

Sarah’s fate hangs in the balance as she tries to save her sister.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 3 – Formalized, Complex, and Costly

Leda and Castor attempt to find the original clone DNA. Mark and Gracie are after new leads.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 2 – Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

Castor pursues the Leda clones for original tissue samples. Helena, who is pregnant and imprisoned, is examined by a mysterious new villain.

Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 1 – The Weight of This Combination

Sarah pursues the missing Helena who is held in a faraway compound. Sarah must use her wiles – and acting chops – to deter a Topside investigator who threatens the Leda sisters’ lives. Meanwhile, Cosima appears to be rebounding from her illness, while Alison and Donnie face newfound financial woes. But when the menace of