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Panorama (Nov 7,14 2016) – The Trouble with Our Trains / Trump’s New America

An investigation into the disconnect between the government and rail industry – which maintain that Britain’s railways are a success – and the experience of many passengers. / Hilary Andersson meets angry Americans on both sides of the electoral race who feel disillusioned and disenfranchised by the electoral process.

Panorama (Oct 31, 2016) – How Rolls-Royce Bribed Its Way Around the World

Richard Bilton investigates the network of shady middlemen who helped sell Rolls-Royce products overseas, and uncovers evidence suggesting it has bribed its way around the world.

Panorama (Oct 24, 2016) – Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes

Panorama goes undercover to find the sweatshops making clothes for the British high street. Darragh MacIntyre discovers refugees working in supply chains of some well-known brands.

Panorama (Oct 17, 2016) – Paxman on Trump v Clinton: Divided America

Jeremy Paxman travels to Washington and beyond to understand how Americans came to face such unpopular choices in its candidates for the presidency.

Panorama (Oct 10, 2016) – BHS: How Did it Happen?

Investigating the multimillion-pound deals and cut-throat business practices that made former BHS owner Sir Philip Green and his family rich while the retailer fell on hard times.

Panorama (Oct 3, 2016) – Diabetes: The Hidden Killer

An investigation into the health epidemic that afflicts almost one in ten people in Birmingham and can lead to heart failure, blindness, kidney disease and leg amputations.

Panorama (Sep 26, 2016) – Aleppo: Life Under Siege

The battle for Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and once home to over two million people, is in its fourth year. Five citizen journalists in East Aleppo document life under siege.

Panorama (Sep 19, 2016) – Labour: Is the Party Over?

With the Labour leadership election less than a week away, BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar asks if Labour is on the brink of self-destruction.

Panorama (Sep 12, 2016) – Why are Gambling Machines Addictive?

Wendy Bendel investigates fixed odds betting terminals. Wendy’s partner killed himself after struggling with a gambling addiction.

Panorama (Sep 5, 2016) – Sellafield’s Nuclear Safety Failings

Richard Bilton uncovers the truth about Sellafield, with a high-level whistleblower, hundreds of leaked documents and exclusive access to former senior managers.

Panorama (Aug 22, 2016) – Living with Cuts: Austerity Town

With the new prime minister facing tough decisions on government spending cuts, Richard Bilton investigates the impact of six years of austerity measures on his home town, Selby.

Panorama (July 25, 2016) – Britain’s Missing Young People

Darragh MacIntyre looks at the problem of young people going missing in Britain. He meets the families searching for clues and the parents who have been waiting years for news.

Panorama Season 64, Episode 19 (July 18, 2016) – Trump’s Angry America

Hilary Andersson visits the racially divided town of Bakersfield, California, to meet Donald Trump supporters as well as those who fear what Trump as president would mean for them.

Panorama Season 64, Episode 18 (July 11, 2016) – Pension Rip Offs Exposed

Panorama goes undercover to expose how the Government’s latest pension freedoms are being abused by some companies to get their hands on people’s retirement pots.

Panorama Season 64, Episode 0 – The Orlando Nightclub Massacre

Panorama reveals what it is like to be caught up in the carnage of a mass shooting, telling the story of the Orlando massacre from the people who were there.

Panorama S64 Special: Irag The Final Judgement

As the country awaits next week’s verdict from the long-delayed Iraq Inquiry into why we went to war and what the lessons should be, Jane Corbin returns to southern Iraq.

Panorama Season 64, Episode 14 – Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed

Panorama investigates the ruthless world of the dog trade. Using secret filming, reporter Sam Poling tracks the supply chain of the country’s favourite pet.

Panorama Season 64, Episode 10 – Inside Europe’s Terror Attacks

Current affairs programme. Panorama reveals how the so-called Islamic State’s terror network has been operating in Europe, and western intelligence agencies’ battle to stop it.

Panorama Season 64, Episode 9 – Too Poor to Stay Warm

Reporter Datshiane Navanayagam joins some of those struggling to keep warm this winter and asks why thousands still die each year simply because their homes are too cold.

Panorama Season 64, Episode 8 – Shaken Babies: What’s the Truth?

Parents face jail if courts find them guilty of harming babies by shaking them. Alison Holt talks to a neuropathologist at the centre of a fight about the diagnosis of shaking.