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Ripper Street Season 4, Episode 1 – 7

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Ripper Street Season 3, Episode 8 – The Peace of Edmund Reid

When an American journalist is killed in Whitechapel, his story threatens the peace.

Ripper Street Season 3, Episode 5 – 7

Episode 5 – Heavy Boots: A destructive gang of youths unleash hell upon the streets, but it’s not until daylight breaks that the true horror of their brutal work is revealed. The trail leads the team of H Division into the heartland of one of the city’s oldest trades – the London Breweries – where

Ripper Street Season 3, Episode 4 – Your Father My Friend

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid and Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake investigate the latest criminal activity.

Ripper Street Season 3, Episode 3 – Ashes and Diamonds

Further investigations from the H Division.

Ripper Street Season 3, Episode 1, 2 – Whitechapel Terminus / The Beating of her Wings

Episode 1 – Whitechapel Terminus: A locomotive disaster sets Reid and Long Susan on a collision course. Episode 2 – The Beating of her Wings: A murder inquiry in a curiosity shop reveals a secret dungeon and signs of a captive girl.

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 8 – Our Betrayal (2)

Death and violence comes to Whitechapel once again. Some decayed and murdered bodies are discovered in a slum tenement, and the advanced stages of the police divisional boxing championship reveal the vengeful ferocity to be seen within the ranks of the police force.

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 7 – Our Betrayal (1)

A valuable symbol of the British Empire’s wealth shows up in the form of an uncut diamond. It is a jewel ‘freed’ from the diamond monopoly of De Graal by one Daniel Judge, Captain Jackson’s untrustworthy older brother. Reid and Flight find themselves being drawn to the plight of a local craftsman defrauded of his

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 6 – A Stronger Loving World

Local churches and synagogues are being burnt and desecrated in the area and Reid believes that the same person is behind the various attacks who wants to exploit the fragile peace that exists between East London’s different communities.

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 5 – Threads of Silk and Gold

An investigation into the brutal murder of a Telegraph Boy reveal a vice racket being run from the offices of the GPO. A ledger leads Reid to the centre of the one of London’s most august financial institutions, Barings Bank.

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 4

Having spent the last twenty years in Newgate Gaol, Aiden Galvin is sprung from his prison wagon’s journey through Whitechapel. Within a short time, he explodes a device beneath the bed of the prominent MP Cecil Knightly, who is against The Home Rule movement. Chief Inspector Abberline believes that the Irish Republican Brotherhood is at

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 3 – Become Man

An important member of the newly formed London County Council is abducted from his table at Whitechapel’s Blewett’s Theatre of Varieties, where Rose Erskine now works as a waitress. The teams investigation brings Drake back into contact with Rose. Reid is introduced to Councilor Jane Cobden and it looks like the kidnappers are a female

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 2

Just a couple of hours after she gave birth in its maternity ward, a vagrant young woman is discovered murdered in a stairwell at Whitechapel’s The London Hospital. As they investigate, Reid and the team find themselves been drawn the netherworld of the circus freakshows.

Ripper Street Season 2, Episode 1 – Pure as the Driven

After a sergeant from K Division is discovered having been hurled from a Whitechapel tenement window on to the iron railings below, Reid investigates.

Ripper Street Season 1, Episode 8 – What Use Our Work?

Jackson is in custody facing the death penalty for a murder he never committed. Drake feeling is despondent as his personal life is a shambles. Reid’s team is in pieces with Leman Street in mourning, and his heart torn between two women.

Ripper Street Season 1, Episode 7 – A Man of My Company

TP Swift shows up in town with his Pinkerton retinue with him to complete the acquisition of an ailing London shipping line. The murdered body of an engine inventor draws Reid’s attentionas Jackson and Susan find their past coming back to haunt them.

Ripper Street Season 1, Episode 6 – Tournament of Shadows

With the dock strike of August ’89 taking grip of the city, the killing of a Jewish anarchist sees Reid and the team moving into the merciless chicanery of the British government’s fight against international terrorism.

Ripper Street Season 1, Episode 5 – The Weight of One Man’s Heart

A series of celverly masterminded robberies comes to theattention of Reid and his team, and also manges to steal Drake away from his attempted courtship of Rose.

Ripper Street Season 1, Episode 4 – The Good of This City

During the clearing of a local slum for the underground railway an almost indecipherable murder scene is revealed and an unreliable slum girl witness is also found.

Ripper Street Season 1, Episode 3 – The King Came Calling

H Division and the independent City of London have to work together after the panic surrounding a sudden cholera outbreak leads them to the conclusion that a contamination is afoot in both boroughs. Inspector Sydney Ressler works with Reid’s team as they look around Whitechapel for clues and connections.