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The Apprentice UK Season 12, Episode 1 – Collectables

Lord Sugar begins the hunt for his next business partner as a new group of candidates set off on their first task – selling collectables at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale. As ever, Lord Sugar’s trusted aides, Karren Brady and Claude Littner, follow proceedings.

The Apprentice UK Season 12, Episode 0 – Meet the Candidates

The Apprentice is back and we’ve got your exclusive first look at this year’s candidates. Matt Edmondson gives his own take on the interview process.

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 12 – The Final and You’re Hired

With just two candidates left to battle it out for the £250,000 investment, the finalists receive a call summoning them to London’s City Hall. Lord Sugar informs them that their final task is to launch their business – create a brand and unveil their campaign, in front of a packed audience full of industry experts

The Apprentice UK S11: Why I Fired Them

With the final just days away, and Lord Sugar on the cusp of choosing his new business partner, The Apprentice: Why I Fired Them offers a chance to look back on the candidates who fell before the final hurdle, and the tasks that tested them to the limit. From the impressive ‘Desert Defeating Hair’ campaign,

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 11 – Interviews

The battle to become Lord Sugar’s business partner is nearing the end, as the remaining few candidates have 24 hours to brush up on their business plans and face the formidable interview process. It’s time to get a grilling from four of Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors, Claude Littner, Claudine Collins, Mike Soutar and new addition

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 10 – Health Snack

Episode 10 – Health Snack: The eight remaining candidates are tasked with creating a new health food snack to be pitched to three major retailers. With the final looming, the teams have two days to invent the original snack and come up with a powerful brand before competing to try and earn orders from leading

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 9 – Property Agents

Week nine and the stakes are raised as the eight remaining candidates are summoned to the top of the South Bank Tower. For the next task, Lord Sugar throws the teams into the London property market to sell mid-range and high-end properties to the city’s most discerning buyers.

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 8 – Party Planning

It’s week eight and the candidates are taken back in time to the Museum of Childhood. Lord Sugar instructs the teams to become party planners, with just two days to set up and host a children’s party for some high-spending clients.

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 7 – Discount Store

At the house, the off-duty candidates are interrupted by Lord Sugar, who sets them his latest challenge – open a discount store and, in two days, turn products into profit.

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 6 – Handy Man

It’s halfway, and it’s hard graft. Donning hi-vis jackets and steel-toe-capped boots, the candidates travel to meet Lord Sugar in a south London builder’s yard. Their task is to set up and run a handyman business. Armed with a van full of tools and a little elbow grease, the candidates are challenged to generate as

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 5 – Children’s Book

The entrepreneurs are summoned to the London Library in St James’s Square, where Lord Sugar gives them the task of writing and designing a children’s book. They must also record an accompanying CD, before going on to sell the product to London’s bookshops. For one candidate it is the perfect task, but one team struggles

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 4

The contestants are instructed to tap into one of the UK’s biggest markets, with the task of choosing products for pet lovers and selling them at the London Pet Show. Faced with an array of products, including hi-vis jackets for chickens, the entrepreneurs adopt very different tactics to seal the deal with the vendors. However,

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 3 – Cross-Channel Discount Buying

For the candidates it’s an abrupt end to their day off as Lord Sugar sends instructions to pack a bag and head to the wartime tunnels underneath Dover Castle. Here, Lord Sugar has a message for the candidates – find nine items, negotiate the best possible price, and the team that spends the least amount

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 2 – Advertising – Cactus Shampoo

The candidates are summoned to the Barbican Conservatory, where Lord Sugar tells them that for their next task they must create a new shampoo brand and design an advertising campaign to promote it. The product’s unique selling point – its key ingredient is cactus-seed oil. Teams need to design packaging, film a TV advert and

The Apprentice UK Season 11, Episode 1 – Fish Food

The search for Lord Sugar’s next business partner has begun, and the process is tougher than ever. Having already invested £1,000,000 of his own money into four thriving businesses, Lord Sugar isn’t stopping there. Over the next 12 weeks he’ll whittle down the hopeful candidates until only one remains. Ready to fight for his funding,

The Apprentice UK Season 10, Episode 14 – The Final and You’re Hired

The two finalists must launch their businesses with the help of some former candidates. The winner is decided and then interviewed by Dara O Briain.

The Apprentice UK Season 10, Episode 13 – Why I Fired Them

Lord Sugar explains why he fired the different candidates each week.

The Apprentice UK Season 10, Episode 12 – Task 11

The five semi finalists see their business plans being put under the spotlight.

The Apprentice UK Season 10, Episode 11 – The Final Five

The final five candidates are profiled by family and friends as well as Nick Hewer and Karren Brady.

The Apprentice UK Season 10, Episode 10 – Premium Pudding

The candidates have to create a brand new set of premium puddings.