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The Client List Season 2, Episode 14, 15 – What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am / Wild Nights Are Calling

Episode 14 – What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am: Riley discovers the client list has been stolen; Evan’s investigation leads him one step closer to Riley’s hidden life; Dale and Lacey receive some news; Derek asks Selena to make a commitment. Episode 15 – Wild Nights Are Calling: Riley’s desperation to find

The Client List Season 2, Episode 13 – Whatever It Takes

Riley and the spa staff volunteer at a charity golf tournament; Travis tricks Kyle into hosting a sleepover; Dale and Lacey consider adoption; Derek and Riley find an unwelcome surprise when the spa’s security alarm is triggered.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 12 – When I Say I Do

Riley is consumed with wedding preparations; Kyle tries to find a way to help his family; Evan and Trimble go under cover in a massage parlor; Shelby and Evan face challenges; Selena and Derek attempt friendship.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 11 – I Miss Back When

Lacey deals with the aftermath of her attack; Taylor sees Beau moving on with another woman; Selena warns Derek about his client; Evan tries to focus on his relationship with Shelby; Linette struggles with rehab.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 10 – What Part of No

Lacey is attacked by a man who is breaking in to Riley’s home; Riley turns to Georgia for help; Selena discovers a secret about Nikki and Derek; Riley helps her client calm his nerves before he goes on a date.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 9 – Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Riley attempts to let Kyle back into her life; Kyle looks for a job; Selena’s ex-boyfriend makes a shocking demand; Riley seeks advice from her client; Evan and Shelby prepare for their graduation.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 8 – Heaven’s Just a Sin Away

Riley and Lacey decide to attend church with Georgia and Harold; Kyle prepares to testify against his former employer; Selena warns Derek about his overzealous client; Evan and Shelby have their first date.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 7 – I Ain’t Broke but I’m Badly Bent

Riley forms a personal connection with a client; Kyle loses his visitation privileges after fighting with a fellow inmate; Riley, Selena and Nikki get creative when the spa loses power; Georgia helps Lacey throw a baby shower for Dale’s sister.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 6 – Unanswered Prayers

Riley considers her forgotten dream of becoming a singer; Lacey is suspicious of Dale; Riley works on Kyle’s defense with his attorney; Evan continues training at the police academy; Selena teases Derek about his frequent client.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 5 – Hell on Heels

Linette wants Katie to enter a pageant; Selena and Derek have awkward encounters in the locker room; Riley’s client is an 18-year-old virgin; Evan offers to take Travis to visit Kyle in jail; Lacey and Dale visit a fertility specialist.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 4 – My Main Trial Is Yet to Come

Selena does not trust Riley’s new hire; Riley discovers that Derek is keeping a secret; Riley and Evan struggle to find time with each other; Riley gets an unusual request from one of her clients.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 3 – Cowboy Up

Linette has a car accident; Evan takes on a dangerous job to provide financial help to Riley; Riley and Evan are burdened by Kyle’s mistakes; Riley hires a male masseur; a veteran client needs more than Riley can handle.

The Client List Season 2, Episode 2 – Who’s Cheatin’ Who?

Riley’s secret life at the spa is threatened as Detectives Monroe and Dunbar mistakenly assume Riley has information that would help their investigation against Kyle. Riley attempts to get Kyle’s bail money, but her mission backfires and winds up putting her in danger with Kyle’s former employer. Georgia introduces Riley to the new man in

The Client List Season 2, Episode 1 – ‘Till I Make It on My Own

The second season begins with Riley and Kyle meeting at the Rub and being interrupted by a cop. Later, Riley inherits a judge as a new client; and she befriends the mother of one of Travis’ classmates.

The Client List Season 1, Episode 10 – Past Is Prologue

The first season concludes with Riley’s husband returning home. Meanwhile, Riley is put in charge of the spa after Georgia learns that the authorities may be on to her, but the new responsibilities threaten to expose Riley’s secret life.

The Client List Season 1, Episode 9 – Acting Up

Riley gives romance a try and goes on a date with a doctor, but her past comes back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Dee Ann gets involved with a high-powered client; and Linette and Lacey have their face day with Taylor at the salon.

The Client List Season 1, Episode 8 – Games People Play

Selena and Evan start dating, which leads to tension between Selena and Riley. Meanwhile, Travis is caught in a “curious situation” with Taylor’s daughter; and Linette applies for a loan to buy the salon.

The Client List Season 1, Episode 7 – Life of Riley

One of Riley’s coworkers elopes, and the event forces Riley to think about the imperfections in her marriage. Meanwhile, Lacey reveals that she’s been hiding a secret from Riley; Evan sees a new girl; and Riley helps an insecure client learn basic dating techniques.

The Client List Season 1, Episode 6 – The Cold Hard Truth

Riley learns that the police may be planning to raid the spa. Meanwhile, a friend finds Riley’s hidden stash of money; and Dale encourages Evan to come clean about his feelings for Riley.

The Client List Season 1, Episode 5 – Try, Try Again

Riley wonders if she is ready to start dating again after a massage mishap with an eligible client. Later, Riley intervenes in Linette’s relationship with Garrett when ugly secrets from his past come to light.