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The Office S09 Special: Retrospective

Produced by NBC News, the special offers fans an emotion farewell to the beloved characters of “The Office.” The one-hour retrospective includes interviews with writers, producers and actors from the award-winning series. In addition, the special includes favorite moments, and a behind-the-scenes look at the finale.

The Office Season 9, Episode 24, 25 – Finale

Past and present staffers gather for a wedding and their closing interview sessions in the series finale. Appearing: Mindy Kaling; B.J. Novak; Joan Cusack; Ed Begley Jr.; Rachael Harris; Dakota Johnson; Andy Buckley; and Malcolm Barrett.

The Office Season 9, Episode 22, 23 – A.A.R.M., Part 1, 2

As the office readies for the premiere of the documentary that night, Jim convinces Dwight, who is planning to propose to Esther, that he needs an Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager, and holds tryouts to find the best candidate. Angela brings her baby to work after her daycare turns her away. Meanwhile, Andy attends

The Office Season 9, Episode 21 – Livin’ the Dream

Andy decides to quit his job and pursue his dream; Dwight has his best day ever at work; Jim comes back to Scranton to spend more time with Pam.

The Office Season 9, Episode 20 – Paper Airplane

Dwight and Angela compete in a paper airplane contest; Andy prepares for an acting role; Jim and Pam use new skills.

The Office Season 9, Episode 19 – Stairmageddon

The elevator goes out at the office, forcing everyone to use the stairs; Dwight forces Stanley to make a sales call; Pam and Jim talk to Nellie and Toby about relationship problems; Angela supports her man.

The Office Season 9, Episode 18 – Promos

The office employees are excited when TV commercials for the documentary begin airing; Angela is jealous when Dwight starts dating a farmer; Jim meets with professional baseball player Ryan Howard.

The Office Season 9, Episode 17 – The Farm

The adventures of Dwight at his family beet farm and bed-and-breakfast come to light

The Office Season 9, Episode 16 – Moving On

During an interview for a job in Philadelphia, a manager gives Pam déjà-vu; Dwight asks Angela to join him on a mission; Andy returns from his trip.

The Office Season 9, Episode 15 – Couples Discount

The staff pairs off into pretend couples so they can take advantage of a Valentine’s Day discount at a mini-mall; Erin claims she will break up with Andy when he returns, but Pete has his doubts.

The Office Season 9, Episode 13, 14 – Junior Salesman and Vandalism

David Wallace asks Dwight to find a new part-time salesman who will fill in for Jim; Pam looks for a new desk mate; Erin searches for her birth parents; Nellie and Dwight spring into action when Pam needs help finding the vandal who defaced her mural; Darryl has a hard time dealing with Jim’s habits

The Office Season 9, Episode 12 – Customer Loyalty

Dwight tries to stop Darryl from leaving; Jim misses Cece’s first recital because of work, upsetting Pam; Nellie exposes Erin and Pete.

The Office Season 9, Episode 11 – Suit Warehouse

Everyone abuses the office’s new espresso machine; Dwight takes Clark on a sales call; Darryl goes for an interview at Jim’s company; Pam surprises Jim with a visit.

The Office Season 9, Episode 10 – Lice

Pam accidentally brings lice into the office but lets Meredith take the blame; Jim spends a great day in Philadelphia with a potential business associate; Nellie, Phyllis and Kevin interfere with Darryl’s love life.

The Office Season 9, Episode 9 – Dwight Christmas

When the office holiday party fizzles, Dwight throws a traditional Schrute German Christmas. Meanwhile, Darryl suspects that Jim has forgotten to include him in a new job opportunity in Philadelphia, and Pete teaches Erin about the film “Die Hard.”

The Office Season 9, Episode 8 – The Target

Angela discovers the harsh truth about her husband’s affair with Oscar, so she reaches out to Dwight for help. Meanwhile, Jim requests a favor from Stanley and Phyllis; Pam begins painting a mural in the warehouse; and Pete creates a tower made out of complaint cards.

The Office Season 9, Episode 7 – The Whale

Dwight faces his greatest professional shortcoming—selling to women. As a result, the lady staffers step up to give him advice so he can successfully sell to an important female client. Meanwhile, Angela suspects her paramour is cheating; Andy uses technology to connect with the others from his boat; and Toby tries to convince the men

The Office Season 9, Episode 6 – The Boat

Money problems plague Andy’s family. Meanwhile, Dwight guests on a local radio show, so the staffers harass him with outrageous phone calls; and Kevin unearths a big secret about Oscar

The Office Season 9, Episode 5 – Here Comes Treble

It’s Halloween in the office, and the trick’s on Andy when his college music group arrives to perform, leading to a confrontation with his frenemy, Broccoli Rob (Stephen Colbert). Elsewhere, Dwight suspects a psycho is running rampant in the office, and Jim and Pam clash over Jim’s new job

The Office Season 9, Episode 4 – Work Bus

The staffers hit the road in a rented bus when the building is deemed unsafe. Meanwhile, Nellie reaches out to Andy for help in adopting a baby, and Jim uses pie to spread cheer to Pam.