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Top Chef Season 13, Episode 15 – Finale

It all comes down to this final faceoff. The last two chefs must make the meal of their lives with help from their culinary mentors and fallen comrades to impress a room full of judges and important diners including Emeril Lagasse, Dominique Crenn, Jonathan Beno, Hubert Keller, Charlie Palmer, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and the Chefs’ families.

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 14 – Magic Hour

The three remaining chefs head to the finals in Las Vegas to battle it out in a high stakes challenge of cards and cuisine.

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 13 – Where it all Started

In San Francisco, the five remaining chefs face the ultimate Sudden Death Quickfire cooking for Top Chef Master Traci Des Jardins. Then, in the elimination challenge, the chefs cook where Top Chef first began, at Hubert Keller’s legendary restaurant Fleur de Lys, and are tasked to prepare a Fleur-inspired dish for the incomparable Keller, the

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 12 – Wok This Way

The remaining chefs travel through San Francisco’s legendary Chinatown and end up at World-Famous chef Martin Yan’s M.Y. China to cook off using woks for a sizzling quickfire challenge. Then Umami Burger Restaurateur Adam Fleischman tasks the chefs to create their own Fast-Casual Restaurant Concept for hungry diners and investors.

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 11 – Hammer Time

After landing in the Bay Area, the chefs head to Oakland to channel their inner rapper as they prepare a dish for Oakland native MC Hammer. He will decide which funky fresh dishes are too legit to quit. Then, Top Chef Master Jonathan Waxman enlightens the cheftestants with a history lesson, asking them to step

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 10 – Restaurant Wars: Part 2

After a busy day prepping and conducting a full lunch service, the chefs must clean up and do it all over again for dinner. Never before have the chefs taken on such a huge challenge, and the judges are looking at everything from concept and food, to service and consistency, so no one is safe

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 9 – Restaurant Wars: Part 1

The iconic Restaurant Wars is back and bigger than ever. For the first time in Top Chef history, the chefs are opening their restaurants for both lunch and dinner services. No one is safe as each chef must run front of house or act as the executive chef in one of the services. The pressure

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 8 – Where’s the Beef?

Instagram star Chef Jacques La Merde tasks the chefs with the ultimate plating challenge where they must create the most visually appealing food porn using only snack food. In an unprecedented twist, the winner of the Quickfire challenge was determined solely by the number of likes each dish received on Bravo’s Instagram account (@bravotv). Then,

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 7 – Back In The Day

The chefs arrive back in Los Angeles to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Top Chef. First they compete in a restrictive Quickfire limiting them to 10 ingredients they all must share. Then, in the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must transport themselves back in time and create a dish that tells the story of who they

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 6 – Banannaise

The chefs continue their California road trip and head south to San Diego where they cook-up the best high-end fish taco for renowned Mexican Chef Javier Plascencia. Things get extra spicy when another Sudden Death Quickfire threatens to send one of the chefs packing. Then Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Richard Blais and Emeril Lagasse offer

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 5 – Big Gay Wedding

During the second leg of their Palm Springs stay, supermodel Chrissy Teigen entices the chefs to make their best Quickfire “date” dishes. And in a Top Chef first, the chefs cater a wedding for twenty five gay couples in an emotional Elimination Challenge. Minister Padma Lakshmi officiates, and once the festivities are over, chef Art

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 4 – It’s a Dry Heat

The chefs four-wheel into their second destination of their California Road Trip — Palm Springs. In the heart of the desert, world-renowned chef Jose Andres tasks the cheftestants to use solar powered stoves for one hot Quickfire. Then, the Chefs must avoid culinary sand traps when they cook on a world-famous golf course. Chefs John

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 3 – Spines and Vines

The Top Chef California Road Trip embarks to its first destination: Santa Barbara. Stopping at the Harbor, the Chefs pick up fresh sea urchin to use in their first Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge, where they must pair wine with a dish featuring uni. For the Elimination Challenge, the Chefs go from friends to enemies when

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 2 – Pop Up Pandemonium

The foodies must open distinct pop-up restaurants in various Los Angeles neighborhoods. Appearing: chef and pop-up impresario Ludo Lefebvre.

Top Chef Season 13, Episode 1 – Stop the Presses

A collection of the country’s best Chefs converge in Los Angeles where they will hit the road and compete in six cities across the Golden State. To get their feet wet, the Chefs face off in a fan favorite Quickfire challenge. Then, the Chefs must make dishes that stand out for a group of top

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 15 – Mano a Mano

The two finalists battle it out in Mexico for the title of “Top Chef.”

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 14 – Holy Escamoly!

The chefs have to make two dishes with chocolate with one being sweet and the other savory.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 13 – Getting Prickly in Mexico

The finalists travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to compete for the prestigious title of “Top Chef” the chefs prepare dishes featuring a prickly pear and then create dishes inspired by the work of local artists.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 12 – The Final Battle of Bean Town

For the last Quickfire challenge in Beantown, the chefs must cook an innovative bean dish. Wylie Dufresne. In the Elimination Challenge, the winner will take home a guaranteed spot in the Finals in Mexico. As the chefs push their culinary boundaries, one will be be left to fight for redemption in “Last Chance Kitchen.”

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 11 – Sous Your Daddy!

The chefs get thrown for a loop by a surprise visit from their family members that will serve as their sous chefs in their next Elimination Challenge. With an automatic ticket to the Top Chef finals on the line, the chefs’ nearest and dearest must take orders quickly if they are to hold up their