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Top Chef Season 12, Episode 10 – For Julia & Jacques

Chef Jacques Pepin challenges the chefs to create a dish inspired by Julia Child’s techniques.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 9 – Big Sausage

Chefs are challenged to create the biggest and tastiest sausage dishes they can concot when New England Patirots football player Rob Gronkowski steps in as guest judge for the Quickfire Challenge. Next up, the chefs must brush up on their reading for a unique Elimination Challenge where their dishes must be inspired by a literary

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 8 – Clean Up In Aisle 21!

In a monumental mid-season twist, the eliminated chefs from this season are brought back with the potential of changing the competition completely. For the Elimination Challenge, the “Top Chef” kitchen opens its doors for the first time ever for the ultimate tasting party with “Top Chef” super fans.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 7 – Restaurant Wars

The fan-favorite “Restaurant Wars” challenge unfolds. Here, the culinarians must open their own pop-up eateries. In the all-encompassing test, they must create menus and restaurant decor and train the staff. Appearing: Barbara Lynch; Kristen Kish; and Stephanie Cmar.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 6 – The First Thanksgiving

Chefs cook a traditional Thanksgiving feast using only ingredients and cooking methods from the 1600’s.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 5 – It’s War!

The competition heats up when the chefs cook in head-to-head battles in a Quickfire Challenge with guest judge Jamie Bissonnette. In another head-to-head competition, the chefs strategize the best dishes they can make on a lean military budget with Revolutionary War-themed battles that take place at the historic Watertown Arsenal.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 4 – 12 Chefs Walk Into a Bar…

The chefs take a trip to the ‘Cheers’ bar. The chefs must make a bar snack for judge George Wendt. Guest star Emmy Rossum causes the chefs to get into a hot flush when she orders a gluten-free meal.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 3 – The Curse of the Bambino

The chefs use ballpark snacks to create fine-dining dishes at Fenway Park.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 2 – Boston’s Bravest and Finest

The chefs create a surf and turf inspired dish for this weeks guest judge, Todd English. Plus a team challenge to serve the Boston police with guest judge, Dante de Magistris.

Top Chef Season 12, Episode 1 – Sudden Death

Season 12 opens with 16 chefs beginning their battles in Boston. Here, the chefs must cook revamped versions of the first dish they created. Richard Blais serves as a judge.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 17 – Finale

In the Season 11 finale, the remaining two chefs open pop-up restaurants, after which the winner is crowned.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 16 – Maui Wowie

The remaining chefs land in Hawaii, where they prepare food fare featuring Spam. Also: a double elimination.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 15 – Leaving New Orleans

The chefs battle for a new car in tests presented by Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons. Later, the foodies demonstrate how New Orleans has inspired their dishes. Appearing: Douglas Keane, Grant Achatz and Andrew Carmellini.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 14 – Po’ Boy Smackdown

The chefs create po’ boys, then are tasked to prepare their personal culinary visions on a plate. Appearing: Jon Favreau and Roy Choi.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 13 – Oui Si a Challenge

Culinary figure Jacques Pepin arrives to test the chefs’ techniques based on one of his favorite dishes. Later, the chefs create meals that represent both France and Spain.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 12 – Mississippi Mud Bags

The chefs serve up étouffée, then honor local cuisine by preparing two types of seafood. Chef John Besh is the guest judge.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 11 – Giving It the College Try

Musician Questlove samples various poultry drumsticks. Later, the chefs serve up food fare to incoming students at Louisiana State University.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 10 – Like Mama Made

The chefs must make dishes that remind them of home; Actor Anthony Mackie joins the judges.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 9 – Restaurant Wars

The “Restaurant Wars” challenge tasks the chefs to create pop-up eateries. The judges’ panel includes David Chang.

Top Chef Season 11, Episode 8 – Piggin’ Out

The chefs must whip up hot sauce for musician Dr. John. The focus is then pork when they cook up a 300-pound hog.