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Trollied Season 6, Episode 1, 2

The search for the new Valco area manager is finally over. After an unexpected incident in the store / New area manager Cheryl struggles to keep a lid on her private life, while Neville is brimming with confidence when he helps new shelf-stacker Shai.

Trollied Season 5, Episode 9 – A Christmas Carol

It’s Christmas Eve and Gavin is proving a real Scrooge. Can a surprise visit from Julie put him in the festive spirit?

Trollied Season 5, Episode 7, 8

Brian panics when Margaret spots an unwelcomed guest on the shop floor. Meanwhile, a much-in-love Gavin begins to worry that Cheryl isn’t what she seems.

Trollied Season 5, Episode 6

Gavin is thrilled as his romance with Cheryl begins to blossom, but the pressure of keeping their relationship a secret from his staff starts to take its toll – particularly when someone in the know tries to blackmail him. Meanwhile, pharmacist Brian starts acting strangely when a bloodbank sets sets up in the store and

Trollied Season 5, Episode 5

The fires of attraction appear to be lit when Gavin suffers an injury and is forced to spend the day at close quarters with Cheryl, while Daniel has to deal with a crisis on the shop floor that puts strain on his relationship with Charlie. Plus, it’s Sue’s birthday. But has anyone remembered?

Trollied Season 5, Episode 4

Gavin decides to fight back when he shows up at work to find a huge Lauda truck blocking Valco’s entrance. Charlie discovers an embarassing secret about Daniel.

Trollied Season 5, Episode 3

Everyone is on high alert as big Valco boss Brendan O’Connor descends on the store, furious with Gavin for `allowing’ Lauda to open opposite. Meanwhile, an anxious Daniel is keen to keep out of Brendan’s way as he has been dating his daughter Charlie, while pharmacist Brian asks his assistant Margaret for help with an

Trollied Season 5, Episode 2

With barely a customer in Valco’s aisles, Gavin sends a team of spies into new rival supermarket Lauda, but its ruthless new manager Cheryl pays him a visit.

Trollied Season 5, Episode 1

The return of the comedy set in a supermarket sees Gavin relaying the shocking news that rival chain Lauda is due to open on Valco’s patch. While the news worries the rest of the staff, Gavin remains unconcerned – until he learns that it will be run by notorious manager Cheryl Fairweather (Sarah Parish). Events

Trollied Season 4, Episode 8

Everyone does their bit to help at Valco’s charity day. Gavin shaves his legs, Brian dresses up as a giant paracetamol tablet and Sue and Linda take part in a sponsored bike ride. Rose sets her sights on the prize offered in a big prize draw.

Trollied Season 4, Episode 7

Charlie’s Dad Brendan stops by the store and Gavin wants to make her look good. Linda’s dirty secret is revealed. Colin forces Rose and Lisa to battle out their differences once and for all.

Trollied Season 4, Episode 6

The canteen prices have been hiked up, meaning the staff aren’t happy. Charlie pleases everyone when she takes the staff out for lunch, management isn’t impressed though as they believe the staff have gone on strike. Rose and Lisa’s feud boils over.

Trollied Season 4, Episode 5

Rose and Margaret realise they know each other from the past and that Margaret won Alan’s heart at the time. Brian is dumbfounded when Colin abuses his homemade hangover cure. Gavin is distracted when a special guest is due to appear in store.

Trollied Season 4, Episode 4

Brian is skeptical about the first aid training been offered to all staff. Ian is at his wit’s end with a fox that keeps terrorising him, Harry uses this to his advantage and uses fake fur coats to wind him up.

Trollied Season 4, Episode 3

Rose believes she has caught a customer out who’s passing around fake banknotes. She’s at risk of losing her job when she carries out her own form of justice on the apprehended teen. Brian has a bee in his bonnet over a parking space.

Trollied Season 4, Episode 2

Gavin meets his new assistant manager Daniel. A new VIP till girl, Charlie also has her first shift at Valco, she’s not very smart, but as the daughter of the owner of the company, she’s not at risk of losing her job anytime soon.

Trollied Season 4, Episode 1

Loads of new employees have their first day at Valco. Colin is shocked when his nan, Rose is amongst the newbies. Rose makes her and Gavin’s life a misery when she meddles in management matters. Pharmacist, Brian takes on a unlikely sidekick, in Margaret.

Trollied Season 3, Episode 14 – Christmas Special

Gavin and Julie share a heart-to-heart. A snowstorm threatens to ruin everyone’s Christmas plans.

Trollied Season 3, Episode 12, 13

Episode 12: France and Julie preapre for the supermarket awards whilst Gavin makes a life-changing decision following a run in with a shoplifter. Episode 13: Katie ends up interviewing an unexpected applicant for a till position whilst Anna shares some exciting information with Julie.

Trollied Season 3, Episode 11

Gavin is now back at work and is trying to be a bit more like France.